Are Tommaso and Amaia Dead? Did Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz Leave Dead City?

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In the fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ Maggie Greene and Negan set out to enter the den of the Croat for finding and rescuing Hershel with the help of Tommaso and Amaia. While Negan distracts the Croat, Maggie, Tommaso, and Amaia find a way to get into the place and search for the Hilltop leader’s son. In the fifth episode, they continue their search, only to confront several life-threatening challenges. Tommaso and Amaia’s lives are severely affected, making the viewers wonder whether they die. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tommaso and Amaia: Both Dead in Series

Yes, Tommaso and Amaia are dead. After getting into the Croat’s den, Maggie, Tommaso, and Amaia face an enormous herd of walkers. As they deal with the same, Maggie sees Ginny and rescues her from a group of walkers who surround her. When they realize that they cannot kill every walker surrounding them, Tommaso leads the group to the underground tunnels of the building. Although they are filled with dead bodies, creating methane, they continue their expedition through the same. In the fifth episode of the series, Tommaso produces two oxygen tanks to deal with the methane in the atmosphere.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Maggie realizes that Tommaso had the tanks in his backpack since they entered the building and asks him why he is giving the same to them as if he found the tanks in the tunnel. She also asks him how he knows every entry and exit point in the building, only for Tommaso to crack. He finally confesses to striking a deal with the Croat to lead his community members to the place in return for a boat to travel to the mainland, where he will be able to lead a prosperous life with Amaia in a safe community. Such a startling revelation brings the group to a halt. Meanwhile, they get unexpectedly attacked by a group of walkers who have been hiding among the dead bodies in the tunnel.

The walkers attack Maggie, Ginny, Tommaso, and Amaia. Maggie first saves Ginny from the undead and tries to kill the walkers who are attacking Amaia. However, she fails to rescue her as Amaia gets killed. When Maggie processes the same, Tommaso gets badly hurt and he bleeds immensely through his neck. He dies soon after enquiring about Amaia, only for Maggie to put a knife to his brain to make sure that he doesn’t turn into a walker. Since they die, the viewers must be wondering whether we have seen the last of Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz in the show. Well, let’s find out.

Higginbotham, Ortiz Departing from Walking Dead: Dead City

As of yet, AMC has not formally announced the departure of Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz from ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City.’ However, the deaths of Tommaso and Amaia make it evident that we most likely have seen the last of Higginbotham and Ortiz in the post-apocalyptic drama. Tommaso and Amaia’s story arcs get concluded with their deaths, leaving no scope for the characters to be an integral part of the series moving forward. Therefore, we may not need to expect Maggie’s two allies to feature in the show anymore, especially considering that they aren’t personally attached to her to feature in her potential dreams or visions.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Tommaso and Amaia can be considered as characters conceived to lead Maggie to the den of the Croat. Since they serve their purpose in the fourth and fifth episodes, it is understandable that creator Eli Jorné and his team of writers decided to kill them off. In the sixth and final episode of the season, we can expect Maggie and Negan to team up together and confront the Croat for an ultimate showdown. Considering such a possible narrative development, it is no wonder that Tommaso and Amaia’s arcs are concluded before the same. Higginbotham and Ortiz delivered impressive performances in ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City.’ We can expect them to surprise the audience with more remarkable portrayals in the future.

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