The Walking Dead Dead City Episode 4 Recap: Everybody Wins a Prize

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The fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ titled ‘Everybody Wins a Prize,’ follows the aftermath of Luther’s death. Amaia and Tommaso look for their friend but they fail to find him, only for Negan to remind them that Luther always disliked their plan to attack the Croat. Maggie, Negan, Amaia, and Tommaso prepare to confront and kill the Croatian. Ginny, while searching for Negan, ends up at the den of her caretaker’s enemy. The engrossing episode ends with a startling cliffhanger and here’s everything you need to know about it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 4 Recap

‘Everybody Wins a Prize’ begins with flashback sequences in which Simon, the second-in-command of the Saviors, warned Negan about the atrocities being committed by the Croat. Negan and Simon confronted the Croatian, only to see him finishing up torturing a girl for information. Negan and Simon made it clear that their group didn’t hurt kids, only for the Croat to dismiss the same, which made Negan realize that his group member was nothing but a barbarian. In the present time, Negan and Maggie join Tommaso, Amaia, and their community members to get ready for the showdown between them and the Croat.

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Tommaso and Amaia wonder where Luther is as they fail to find their friend and fellow community member anywhere. Negan reminds them that Luther detested their plan to confront the Croatian and adds that he must have run away to avoid the same. As ones who realize that everybody is on their own in the post-apocalyptic world, Tommaso and Amaia accept such an explanation and avoid digging deep into the same. The group then finds a way to get into the den of the Croat. Maggie wants to tell Negan about Ginny ending up on the island but fails to find a way to proceed.

Maggie then sees Luther’s beeswax tin in Negan’s bag, only for the latter to remind her that they all are carrying secrets, which stops her from opening up about Ginny to him. Negan whistles his usual tune to lure the Croat outside to kill him. The Croat gets stunned to listen to the same after years and looks for Negan. Meanwhile, Maggie and others get into the Croat’s building. After they enter the building, an enormous herd of walkers gets into the same. Ginny gets trapped inside the fighting ring but Maggie saves her. They join Tommaso and Amaia to flee from the walkers while Negan confronts the Croat.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 4 Ending: Will Perlie Kill Negan?

After confronting the Croat, Negan asks his former ally about Hershel, only for the former to reveal that the boy is under his custody. The Croatian, however, produces Perlie Armstrong rather than Maggie’s son in front of Negan. He then pushes down the marshal from a considerable height in Negan’s direction. Although Perlie has been trying to kill him, Negan saves the marshal’s life and they get forced to run away when the Croat’s men try to hunt them down. Once they seek security at an isolated place, Perlie becomes a marshal again as he points a gun at Negan, a wanted criminal the former has been trying to capture for a long period.

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Perlie then reminds Negan that he has the authority to kill the latter since the laws of the New Babylon Federation allow him to do the same when he confronts a wanted murderer on the run. Even when they are dealing with the Croat, Perlie isn’t ready to forget that he is a marshal and he has to maintain law and order. But Perlie isn’t expected to kill Negan because there isn’t any law and order on the island of Manhattan, completely cut off from the rest of New York City, to maintain. He may realize the need for prioritizing bringing down the Croat over killing Negan, who isn’t really the marshal’s worst concern.

First of all, Perlie has witnessed the barbarous and unlawful actions that have been happening under the supervision of the Croat. He must have seen the enormous cylinders with dead bodies, which may belong to the victims of the Croatian. The latter’s actions must have been deeply affecting Perlie and his commitment to the law. As a ruthless law enforcement officer, he may want to put an end to the Croat’s life to stop him from committing more murders and cherishing his time as a de-facto dictator. If that’s the case, Perlie may soon realize that killing Negan will only negatively affect the chances of him bringing down the Croat.

After witnessing the Croat’s atrocities, Perlie must have realized that the former is a bigger evil than Negan, which may lead to a surprising allyship between the marshal and the murderer. Perlie and Negan may team up to put an end to the Croat’s life and rescue Hershel from his custody for Maggie. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that Perlie will outrightly stay away from Negan’s way. Once they both succeed in bringing down the Croat, the marshal in Perlie may want to capture or kill Negan. If that’s the case, Negan may turn ruthless against the marshal.

Negan has been merciless towards everyone who has been standing in his way since he joins hands with Maggie to find Hershel. The reawakened viciousness in him may threaten Perlie’s life more than what the marshal can do to Negan. For the same to not happen, Perlie may need to realize that they are living in a community where violence is essential for survival, which may lead him to understand Negan better and free the latter from the charges against him.

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