Is Luther Dead? Did Michael Anthony Leave The Walking Dead: Dead City?

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

The second episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ depicts Maggie Greene and Negan’s encounter with a community that gets hunted down by the Croat’s men. The duo then helps the members of the community deal with the threat, only to gain their trust. In the third episode, Amaia and Tommaso decide to help Maggie and Negan by putting their lives on the line, only for Luther to disapprove of the same. Luther’s difference of opinion ultimately threatens his life, making the viewers concerned about his fate. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Luther Dies in The Walking Dead: Dead City

Yes, Luther is dead. In the third episode, Maggie and Negan learn that Tommaso was once a captive of the Croat and he managed to escape from the latter. The duo then seeks his knowledge about the Croatian’s establishment to plan an attack. Although Tommaso and the rest of his community have decided not to wage a war against the Croat, the former changes his mind to help Maggie and Negan find Hershel and kill their enemy. As Tommaso and Amaia decide to embark on a suicide mission with Maggie and Negan, Luther questions the same since he doesn’t want to see his peers risking their lives for nothing.

Luther believes that Hershel is dead, especially because of the Croat’s vicious and barbarous nature. Since he is convinced that there’s nothing to gain from attacking the Croat, Luther stands in the way of Negan and others. He confronts Negan and asks him to leave his community with Maggie to safeguard the lives of his peers. Negan, however, doesn’t listen to him. Negan makes it clear to Luther that he will not back off. Helping Maggie to find and retrieve Hershel is an opportunity he gets to positively affect the former’s life in some way and he may not want to throw the same away. Therefore, Negan decides against leaving Luther’s community, only for them to end up in a physical fight.

Negan inadvertently kills Luther as the latter falls down and hits his head on a pipe during the fight. After his death, Negan closes his eyes with compassion as well. Since Luther dies, the viewers must be wondering whether Michael Anthony left the post-apocalyptic drama. Well, let’s find out.

Michael Anthony’s Exit Implied After Character Luther’s Death

As of now, neither AMC nor Michael Anthony formally announced the departure of the actor from ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City.’ However, Luther’s death indicates that the character’s arc is concluded in the third episode of the series, seemingly paving the way for Anthony’s exit from the show. Since Luther is not a highly significant character, the chances of him appearing in flashback sequences or any other character’s visions or dreams are little to none. Luther’s lack of scope in the narrative further makes it evident that Anthony most likely parted ways with the show.

Although we may not see Anthony’s Luther featuring again in the series, the aftermath of his death can be an integral part of the upcoming episodes of the series. Negan may try to hide the death from Tommaso and Amaia to ensure that they don’t turn against him and Maggie. Considering the potency of the Croat, Negan needs the duo’s community’s assistance to defeat the former. In addition, Luther’s death may also evoke murderous impulses in Negan, regardless of how hard he tries to control the same.

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