Are Veronica and Cheryl Dead or Alive in Riverdale?

‘Riverdale’ season six touches upon themes of duality, horror, and magic, particularly with its 5-episode event of ‘Rivervale,’ which presents to us an alternate version of the OG town. The CW show introduces us to the best and worst traits of all the characters when Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead encounter mysterious dark forces and combat strained interpersonal relationships.

In the season’s fifth episode, several shocking secrets pertaining to Riverdale and Rivervale are discovered by Jughead. However, when he tries to find out the truth about the parallel universes, a few characters get in harm’s way. You must be curious about how Veronica and Cheryl, in particular, find themselves in a risky situation as the Riverdale-Rivervale paradox comes to a boiling point. Do they make it out alive? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Veronica and Cheryl Dead or Alive?

At the beginning of season 6 episode 5, both Veronica and Cheryl are alive and helping Betty and Archie with their wedding preparations. Later, when Jughead starts to realize the truth about Riverdale and its alternate version of Rivervale, he visits Thornhill to check whether Jason Blossom is actually alive (and not dead, like in the ‘Rivervale’ universe). There, he encounters both Cheryl and Jason, and the twins are very much alive.

Meanwhile, as the mutual influence of Riverdale and Rivervale becomes outwardly apparent, Veronica encounters two Reggies — Ross Butler’s version from season 1 and Charles Melton’s version from seasons 2 to 6. Both Reggies vie for her attention and appear displeased when she seems to hint at a threesome. Shortly afterward, both Reggies kill each other in a duel, much to Veronica’s horror. Then, during Archie and Betty’s rehearsal dinner, Toni informs the horrified group that Cheryl is dead.

A while later, Jughead approaches Veronica and explains to her the concept of parallel universes and how they need to be separated in order to avoid a disastrous fate. Since Archie and Betty are the ones who experienced the bomb blast and the birth of Rivervale, their counterparts, Jughead and Veronica, need to experience an explosion and the separation of Riverdale and Rivervale. Veronica agrees to help Jughead and says, “Here’s to Vughead [Veronica + Jughead] becoming canon.”

However, Archie visits Jughead when the latter doesn’t show up at his wedding. Knowing that Jughead is trying to split Riverdale and Rivervale, Archie angrily explains why he has to stop him — he is trying hard to resurrect his dead father, Fred. He also reveals that he killed narrator Jughead, Cheryl, and Veronica by strangling them; he especially did away with Veronica because she was about to help Jughead. On the other hand, it is possible that Archie targeted Cheryl because she is a constant threat to him and also initiates his sacrificial killing in the season’s premiere episode.

However, after Betty arrives and shoots Archie, the two Jugheads find a way to save both towns, and peace is finally restored, we see all the characters return to their normal selves. Veronica and Cheryl come back to life, and the former happily goes back to Reggie. Thus, although Veronica and Cheryl are initially killed by Archie, towards the end of the episode they rise from the dead, seemingly unaware of their harrowing pasts.

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