Are Wataru and Midori From Love is Blind: Japan Still Together?

Following the same unique format as the original version, ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ looks to answer the critical question of whether emotional bonds can really conquer physical attractions or not. After all, in its attempt to prove that finding “the one” based on personality alone is possible, this reality series follows a set of hopeful singles as they meet, date, and get engaged, all without ever setting eyes on one another. Amongst them in season 1 were the incredibly captivating Wataru and Midori. Now, let’s find out a little bit more about their journey and the current standing of their relationship, shall we?

Wataru and Midori’s Love is Blind: Japan Journey

As a 38-year-old IT firm Executive, who has been married before, Wataru knew that “title and income can be appealing qualities to women,” which is partly why Midori struck his fancy from the get-go. Their professions were one of the first things they spoke about, and without missing a beat, the 30-year-old only stated that she’s in the tech world as well, making her own ambitions evident. The duo then connected over the time they spent in the States at different points in their lives before discussing everything from families to pets and from past experiences to future expectations.

Wataru and Midori’s instant comfort level was undeniable, but it was the fact that they remembered details (like dog names) and were intuitive enough to know what was going on with the other that made them strong. Despite that, Wataru initially wasn’t on the same page as the Business Planner — who went as far as to admit that just thinking about him made her heart race — since he had also gotten close to Priya.

Both Priya and Midori were aware that Wataru was considering his options. However, it was Midori’s unpressurized yet blunt openness, along with the time and effort she placed into understanding him while moving things along, that won him over. It didn’t matter that it was through an actual presentation that Midori herself deemed “maybe” an “overkill” because it helped him be honest about his feelings, eventually leading to their engagement.

Are Wataru and Midori Still Together?

Wataru and Midori’s association seemingly thrived in the pods due to the latter’s push; however, things changed after they met face-to-face for the first time. Wataru made it no secret that he found her exceptionally attractive by constantly stating she had “exceeded his imagination,” but for Midori, it was different. She had expected someone with “more delicate features,” meaning that his appearance became an aspect that continued to bother her.

With that said, Wataru’s pledge to learn and work through his partner’s concerns about their connection, as well as his sheer commitment to making her happy, were clear signs that their tale was only beginning. Moreover, even though Midori had declared, “I’m worried that my heart’s not racing [anymore],” her stance on him being an easy person to talk to – someone who’s dear to her – never wavered, meaning that they did manage to find a spark again.

Midori was uncertain about marriage until almost the very end, even after her own mother had insisted that Wataru was good for her, yet it was only his nature that eased her worries for good. He’d already won her over in the pods, so he simply proved his sincerity by continually reaching out his hand, making her realize that he was more important to her than her dilemmas. In other words, not only did Wataru and Midori say “I Do” at the altar, but it seems like the Tokyo natives are still together and starting a new chapter of their lives as a married couple, alongside Lupin, the dog.

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