Are Weston and Kelsey From Love Island USA Still Together?

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Like any typical dating show, Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA’ takes place in an opulent villa where a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, live segregated from the external world. A group of single men and women mingle freely, and to stay on the show, each contestant must always be partnered with someone. The winning couple will receive $100,000, so it doesn’t matter if they pair up for love, friendship, or the cash prize. As the show progresses, the participants may re-couple, based on how easily they connect with their present partner and other Islanders.

It has several fun relationship tasks, and no drama can escape the gaze of the audience in this show that is constantly followed. One such couple who had the viewers intrigued was Kelsey Jurewicz and Weston Richey from the first season. They had good chemistry going between them and thus were seen as a strong couple. Now that they both have been away from the limelight for a long time, their fans must be curious to know if they are still together or if they parted ways. Well, here’s what we found out.

Kelsey and Weston’s Love Island Journey

Weston Richey and Kelsey Jurewicz were one quite attractive and promising couple in the ‘Love Island’ villa. While Weston appeared from the beginning of the show, Kelsey joined only in episode 10 among the six new Islanders. The then-25-year-old Weston was initially fascinated by Mallory Santic and chose her as his first connection. After going well for a while, the entrance of new Islanders changed their situation, and by episode 5 they decided to only remain as friends. Then came new members, and among them, Katrina Dimaranan formed a connection with Weston.

However, this couple did not last long after the entry of six new Islanders, one of whom was Kelsey. While being asked to choose a guy to on a date with, then-25-year-old Kelsey chose Weston. Thus, after receiving the highest votes among the new women, Kelsey became immune and went on a date with Weston in the next episode. The couple had a soothing spa date and had a great connection thereafter. Both seemed already in love at first glance and made a gorgeous pair among the Islanders, giving major hope to Kelsey.

However, their connection saw a disruption after the entry of another new Islander, Emily Salch. While Emily first picked Eric to go on a date with, she, later, also went out with Weston. At the next re-coupling session, Emily decided to couple up with Weston, and the latter accepted the choice, leaving Kelsey heartbroken and out of options. Since she was hoping for a genuine love connection, her hopes of being with Weston forever and leaving for home with the love of her life felt like a distant dream.

Are Kelsey and Weston Still Together?

No, Kelsey and Weston are no longer together. After the re-coupling between Emily and Weston, Kelsey did not see any hope of finding her connection in the villa. She was genuinely interested in Weston, and when that option did not pan out, she believed it would be unfair to lead the other guys on without any true feelings. Teary-eyed, Kelsey said, “I came into this villa with an open heart and open mind. I genuinely came in here looking for love and even though I didn’t find that, I met some amazing people along the way. Right now, I think I need to do what’s best for me. So right now, I choose to remove myself from the villa.”

Since then, the Newark, Delaware native has moved on in her life and has proudly stood by her decision to move out of the show. Already belonging to the mortgage field, she now works as a Mortgage Loan Officer at Cross Country Mortgage in Miami Beach, Florida, with the license to practice all across the country. In March 2021, she also revealed that she is in a relationship with a mystery man, whom she refers to as “J.” He lives in New York City, and they both visit each other quite often. They have been together for a long time now and seem to be eager and serious about taking the next step in their relationship.

Weston Richey, on the other hand, sustained in the show with Emily till the end and finished fourth in the competition. Sadly, they also broke up after about a couple of months at the end of the show’s last episode. Currently, Weston is focused on building his career and works as a Video Content Creator and Creative Brand Developer. The Dallas, Texas native often shares pictures of his work life, where his passion as a photographer properly comes in handy. His social media profile does not suggest that he is with someone, and thus, we wish both of them happiness and success in their futures ahead.

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