Are Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ is an interesting reality TV show that features the ups and downs in the lives of US citizens engaged to foreign nationals. These cross-border couples meet when the foreign national comes over on a K-1 visa. However, the visa only offers 90 days of stay within which the foreign partner has to marry or risk getting sent back. With such a limited time for two vastly varied individuals to settle down, the show offers fantastic contrasts of lifestyles, cultures, and habits.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren were introduced in season 8 and immediately became a favorite due to their determination to make their relationship work. Although they have had a rocky start and quite a turbulent journey, fans are interested to know about their current status. Well, fret not cause we come bearing answers!

Yara and Jovi’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Ukrainian native Yara Zaya met Jovi Dufren through a dating app and decided to go on a trip together. The trip made them realize how much they meant to each other, and thus, the two started dating. Yara getting pregnant during the trip sped up their engagement. However, in a devastating turn of affairs, a shocking miscarriage threatened to separate the couple once and for all. Yara and Jovi, though, remained strong and managed to make it work. Still, the couple ran into further hitches when Jovi’s work forced him to leave Yara in Europe (after she lost her passport) and travel alone.

When Yara came to the US on a K-1 visa, the couple tried their best to make it work. Although they had a few rough edges in the relationship, which resulted in minor altercations, the biggest problem came in Yara’s dislike for her fiancé’s party-loving lifestyle. Jovi had even allegedly slept with an exotic dancer, which naturally created friction between him and Yara. However, the two tried their best to make compromises, and Jovi even promised that he would change.

Shortly after getting to the US, Yara got pregnant again, which resulted in her old fears coming back. However, Jovi made sure he was there for her and even reassured her of having the baby. Still, Yara was not in for a smooth ride as Jovi’s work forced him to leave his fiancée alone in New Orleans and travel out. Being alone in the US proved challenging for Yara and even made her question their relationship as she had been left alone twice by Jovi by then. Still, the couple was very considerate of each other. They worked hard for their relationship together and finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony.

Are Yara and Jovi Still Together?

Although Yara and Jovi seem to be facing a few hitches in their married life, the couple is still very much together. In February 2020, the pair tied the knot in a beautiful Las Vegas before announcing the birth of their daughter Mylah. Born in September 2020, Mylah is the light of Yara and Jovi’s life, and Yara enjoys the life and duties of a mother. However, she has mentioned that with Jovi often leaving them for his work, she would not want a second child at present.

For quite some time, Yara and Jovi have faced flak about their parenting but did not let it get to them. Although Jovi mentioned that with a baby early into their marriage, he felt like the couple didn’t get enough time to know or understand each other. Furthermore, Jovi’s constant work trips also had Yara troubled as the former did not give enough time to his family. Yara has also been criticized for being allegedly rude to Jovi’s family. She has also been known to be a very protective mother and prioritizes her baby over everyone else.

Yara’s behavior did not sit well with Jovi’s family when they celebrated Ukrainian Christmas with the couple, and Yara tried to bid them farewell as soon as Mylah’s bedtime came over. Moreover, with Mylah still sleeping with Yara, Jovi and his family have expressed their displeasure and even mentioned how Mylah should sleep in her crib just so the married couple can get some privacy. This led to a small dispute between Jovi’s family and Yara, and while fans were divided in their opinion, it seems like both parties reached a compromise on their own.

The couple ran into further hitches when they, along with Mylah and Jovi’s mother, Gwen, went to Miami on a trip. While in Miami, Yara expressed a desire to shift to the city, and when Jovi disagreed, she mentioned how she should allegedly find an old and rich man to move to Miami. While this was meant as a joke, the comment did not sit well with fans, and Yara found herself in a controversy. Moreover, Yara is highly protective of her baby, and when Jovi mentioned how she has changed from her old self, she told him how Mylah had changed their life, and he needs to grow up and accept fatherly responsibilities.

The majority of fans were of the mindset that Jovi does not appreciate how good of a mother Yara is. Jovi also tried to bring Yara to a strip club which the latter did not appreciate. While Yara slapped Jovi for bringing her to a strip club, there were speculations that the scene might be staged. Additionally, the couple found themselves in further controversy when Yara was allegedly accused of living a double life for reality TV after old videos of her resurfaced on the internet. Jovi was also criticized when he liked an Instagram post by fellow ’90 Days Fiancé’ cast member Anfisa Arkhipchenko.

However, it seems like the pair has not let any of the rumors and controversies get to them. They appear to be blissfully happy, and their social media accounts stand as a testimony to their dedication towards their daughter. Furthermore, the couple is in love with parenting, and it seems that at present, they are on a trip to New York. It is lovely to see the loving couple enjoy life together with their adorable baby girl, and we wish them all the happiness in the days to come.

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