Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson: Is the Couples Retreat Duo Still Together?

Image Credit: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

MTV’s ‘Couples Retreat‘ season 3 features Jasiel Amon Robinson, better known by his stage name, Yung Joc, and his wife, Kendra Robinson. While the former earned enormous fame in the music industry as a fantastic rapper with numerous hits to his name, Kendra was initially introduced to the public as his girlfriend. Moreover, fans might recognize the couple from their appearance on ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,’ documenting parts of their relationship and wedding.

While Yung Joc has continued putting out one hit after the other as a rapper, Kendra holds multiple jobs and earns a living as a Closing Attorney and a Realtor. Besides, she is also an RE Investor and has an immense fan following on social media. Well, with fans now intrigued to know more about the couple, let’s dive in and find out if Jasiel and Kendra are still together, shall we?

Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson’s Couples Retreat Journey

While fans were already familiar with Yung Joc, Kendra Robinson was introduced as the rapper’s significant other on season 8 of ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.’ From the beginning, the Closing Attorney grew quite close to fans as they loved how she did not let any of the big-name celebrities rattle her confidence. Instead, Kendra was determined to make her opinions heard, and she even developed an incredible bond with Yung Joc over the show. Although the rapper initially believed she would be a regular fling, he soon realized they had much in common and that she could become his dream partner.

Image Credit: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

From then on, it did not take the couple long to get comfortable with each other, and they soon started dating exclusively. Since day one, Kendra was highly committed to her boyfriend, and she soon became his most significant support. Besides encouraging him to chase his dreams, the Closing Attorney remained beside him during tough times and ensured the rapper overcame all adversities. On the other hand, Yung Joc was delighted to be with such a devoted partner, and he never stopped supporting Kendra in all her endeavors.

Eventually, the rapper decided it was time to pop the all-important question, and ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ even documented every bit of their dreamy engagement ceremony. Subsequently, the two tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony on November 7, 2021, and looked forward to building a future together. Although everything appeared to be perfect in Kendra and Yung Joc’s relationship, sources soon alleged that their relationship was affected by the rapper’s infidelity. On top of it, ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ revealed that the rapper was in a casual relationship with a girl named Meda, who did not know about his association with Kendra.

Additionally, the show mentioned that Yung Joc even fathered a baby with a different woman when he and Kendra were on a break. Such rumors were further strengthened during an interview with SUAVV Magazine, where Kendra insisted that she did not want her partner’s children to follow in his footsteps. However, soon after the rumors made their rounds, she decided to set the record straight and insisted that her words were blown out of context. The Closing Attorney and Realtor claimed she wanted Yung Joc’s children to take note of their father’s good attributes and skills. Besides, she even praised her husband and mentioned that she hoped his children would mirror the kind of man he is.

Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson Are Still Going Strong

Fans would be delighted to learn that Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson are together and still going strong. Even though the couple had issues with the rapper’s infidelity, it seems like they have since buried the hatchet and have started anew. Not just that, the two announced that they bought their dream home and even celebrated New Year 2023 together. Yung Joc also mentioned that they were taking time to get to know each other better to strengthen the relationship.

Readers will be happy to know that Yung Joc and Kendra have plans to use the latter’s experience in real estate to take on projects together. They explained the scarcity of proper affordable housing in today’s market and shared they wanted to make the states of Georgia and South Carolina better by building homes for people from all economic classes. In the meantime, the two love featuring each other on their social media accounts, and we wish them the best for the coming years.

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