Are Zied and Rebecca From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

‘90 Day Fiancé’ is a reality television series that follows the journey of lovers who are thousands of miles apart but are united in love. TLC exhibits their struggles after they have applied for or received the K-1 visa and have merely 90 days on their hands to decide whether they would go forward with their decision to marry their partner or return to their home country forever. Zied and Rebecca have set the classic example of fighting for love irrespective of the sundry cultural and personal polarities. But are they still together and as crazy for each other as they were when they first met?

Zied and Rebecca: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott first made an appearance on ‘Before the 90 Days’ and narrated to the audience how they first met on Facebook. They took baby-steps into the relationship but gradually developed intense feelings for one another. But it was only the beginning of a union that would be tried and tested at every turn. Being over 20 years younger than his now-beau, the Tunisian man felt uncomfortable making love to her initially but eventually overcame his hesitance.

He remains her one true love, which does not alter even a tad bit even though Rebecca comes with a rather difficult past. She has been married thrice and also had a physical relationship with a girl. While all of this came as a shock to Zied, they slowly get over each issue after a few heated arguments. During a romantic sunset picnic in the Sahara, he proposed to his beautiful lady, and she gladly accepted right away.

Shortly after the pair got engaged, Rebecca could not wait to begin the K-1 Visa process to bring her handsome hunk to her country. The Woodstock, Georgia-native immersed herself in extra hours of work to save more in addition to the house-hunting process. While her anxiety about his visa interview got placated, she was caught off guard by what followed after Zied landed in America. But what could have left the usually poised woman so taken aback? And was there no coming back for the couple?

Are Zied and Rebecca Still Together?

You can heave a sigh of relief as Zied and Rebecca have successfully overcome all their differences and are happily together. The fan-favorite couple has surely faced fresh hell during season 8 of ‘90 Day Fiancé.’ She failed to comprehend the reason for her fiancé’s insistence on tying the knot before Ramadan, a holy month that holds immense significance for Zied. While this could purely be his impatience to see his lady love as his wife at the earliest possible, Rebecca suspected the real intention behind his persistence.

But the viewers are aware that her head has been filled with suspicions fed by her daughter, Tiffany, along with her boyfriend, Micah. They have both implied that the reality TV star is being scammed for an American green card, and thus, the rush! However, those acquainted with Rebecca and Zied’s love story know it in their hearts that the two would soon be treating these stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

They have always managed to rise above their mutual differences, even if it takes some time for Rebecca is to make peace with Zied’s staunch religious beliefs. Their respective social media accounts continue to display their amorous posts, and the fans could not be happier for them. A representative from the Probate Court in Cherokee County has confirmed that Zied and Rebecca shared their wedding vows on April 19, 2020, in Lumpkin County, Georgia.

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