Aria Bedmar Plays Narcisa in Sister Death. Here’s All We Know About Her.

Aria Bedmar is a Spanish actress who plays the role of the young and dedicated Sister Narcisa in Paco Plaza’s Netflix film ‘Sister Death,’ which deals with the supernatural in a thrilling way, providing viewers with screams, gore, and a historical perspective of a religious setting. But many might not know that her claim to fame came from her roles in Spanish soap operas, through which she started getting international love from non-Spanish speaking fans as well. Apart from holding the screen with her striking performances in plenty of movies and shows, there’s a lot more to the actor’s journey, career graph, and life behind the screen.

Aria Bedmar is From Spain

Aria Bedmar was born on December 1, 1994, in Almería, Spain, and from the very young age of eight, she knew she wanted to dabble in acting. Even in school, she used to take part in dramas, which helped her hone her skills. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated from Almería Spain College. Although she likes to keep her familial life brushed under the carpet, we know that Aria shares a close-knit relationship with her parents and her brother and doesn’t miss a chance to express her love for them in interviews.

She is very close to her mother, who is a homemaker and has supported Aria in every aspect of her life, be it her relationships or professional choices. As an out and proud lesbian, she has spoken about how there wasn’t enough LGBTQIA+ representation in popular culture while growing up. However, she revealed in an interview that she feels grateful that her family has been supportive, even if she has to hide her sexuality from her grandparents occasionally. She has discussed how her grandparents, too, became curious about her then-partner when they saw her starring as a closeted lesbian in a soap opera and felt that they might ease into accepting her way of life.

Aria Bedmar Found Acting Fame With Acacias 38

Aria Bedmar entered the world of films with a 2013 animated movie ‘Lejos,’ in which she was a voice actor. Apart from weaving her magic on the big screen, she has also showcased her acting prowess in stage productions. She is also a model and has dedicated fans across the world for her popular Spanish shows. She recieved her breakthrough in 2015 with ‘Acacias 38,’ a period drama series set in 1914. In the show, Aria gave a compelling performance as a closeted lesbian named Camino Pasamar, who goes through a traumatic incident in her childhood and starts finding her way ahead much later.

The soap opera explores her character’s relationship with an older woman, Matie Zaldúa, giving them the title of Maitino by their fans who ship the relationship of a same-sex couple set in the early 20th century. Aria has discussed how her fans appreciate this show airs on family time, making people more aware of same-sex relationships. The multi-hyphenate even shared in an interview with What About Dat that she feels a deep connection with the character, not just because it shows a woman in love with another woman but also in its depiction of her nervousness and her struggles with anxiety.

The actress is also widely known for her work in several other TV series and movies like ‘The Cook of Castamar’, crime-drama miniseries ‘Muted,’ ‘Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War’ and ‘Heirs to the Land’. She is also an author and released a book in 2022 titled ‘Mensis: Cambio De Mareas.’ Interestingly, Aria has a beautiful voice and can sing, too. However, she has preferred to not pursue it too much professionally.

Aria Bedmar Was Married to Kenzy Loevett

After coming out to her family at a young age, Aria Bedmar was in a relationship with her long-time partner Kenzy Loevett, the lead singer of Spanish rock group Megara, for over a decade. While they started dating in 2009, the pair got married in 2019. During their relationship, Aria has gone on the record many times to describe her beautiful life with her dogs and her wife, whom she loved very much. She has even shared the stage with Kenzy as a singer. She later announced their separation in August 2021 on social media. Since then, she is believed to be single and hasn’t shared any details of any substantial relationship.

Aria also said that she has been fortunate that the creators of her series ‘Acacias 38’ were willing to take experiences of her life and her suggestions to help direct the narrative of the series. She has also mentioned that she feels fortunate to have starred in the role of a lesbian set in that time period, since it has made the LGBTQIA+ community feel proud of the representation in a historical fictional show. She said, “I think that any actor, any actress, who really likes the world of acting and feels fulfilled with it can get to the same point. But I think it is not necessary to be part of the LGBT community to play a character like that.”

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