Are Arie and Lauren From The Bachelor Still Together?

ABC’s superhit reality-dating series ‘The Bachelor’ has a special place in our hearts. The franchise has not only been successful in gaining popularity worldwide but also in inspiring various spin-offs. Packed with romance, adventure, and drama, the show flaunts an impressive track record of passionate love stories. While some weren’t lucky enough to find ‘the one’ or had their engagements called off, others survived the transition from reel to real life. One such couple, Arie and Lauren, featured on the 22nd season of the show. They had quite a controversial relationship, but they proved that true love triumphs in the end!

Arie and Lauren: The Bachelor Journey

Arie, a famous auto-racing driver and realtor, came on the show in the search for a wife and companion. Courted by 29 women, it was obvious from the start that he had his heart set on a few. Lauren, a young salesperson from Virginia, caught his eye from the very first day. She came into the spotlight when she revealed that she had already met Arie at a racing event a few months before she signed up for the show. She had also brought him their photograph in the first episode. They couldn’t believe the coincidence and it seemed like destiny!

Amongst the numerous one-on-one conversations and dates Arie went on, Lauren always managed to stand out and received a rose at the end of every episode. One of their best dates was the one wherein they went boat-riding in Paris and opened up to each other about the tragedies of their life. Arie shared about the sad time when her ex-girlfriend suffered a miscarriage. Lauren confessed that she had been engaged before, but the relationship ended up in heartbreak.

Lauren and Arie also met each other’s families that allowed them to get to know each other a bit more deeply. The meetings went well, and Lauren confessed her love to Arie. Arie, too, reciprocated her feelings during their last date in Peru. Even though Lauren and co-star Becca were down to the final two, Lauren was confident about receiving a proposal. So it came as a rude shock when Arie proposed to Becca, and Lauren was sent home.

A few weeks later, Arie second-guessed his decision and realized that he loved Lauren more than Becca. He tried to get in touch with the show’s producers for Lauren’s contact information but failed to retrieve it. He then managed to contact her on Instagram and had a conversation with her. Soon after, Arie broke off his engagement with Becca. Having more clarity about his true feelings, he then proposed to Lauren, and she happily accepted!

Are Arie and Lauren Still Together?

Yes! The gorgeous couple is still together. After their engagement, they took a trip to Europe and celebrated. The couple then bought a house in Arizona and moved in together. In November 2018, they announced that they were pregnant and decided to get married. Excited and ecstatic about their baby and the wedding, the couple threw a grand co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas. In January 2019, they tied the knot in Hawaii, and the ceremony was officiated by Chris Harrison! They then welcomed their little baby girl, Alessi, in May 2019.

The couple once again got married in Las Vegas in September 2019 with their baby present. Lauren told her followers that it was a spontaneous decision as she and Arie always joked about ditching their first wedding and eloping to Vegas.

Recently, the couple shared with their followers that Alessi was about to turn one year old, and she was already standing up on her own. They expressed their excitement about how quickly she was growing up. They were also worried about baby-proofing their home now that Alessi will start walking soon. Arie and Lauren’s Instagram feed is always filled with their happy family pictures and playing with their adorable baby. They post regular updates about the latest happenings in their life and answer fan questions frequently.

The couple can also be briefly seen on the latest spin-off ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’ that is airing on ABC.

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