Ariela and Evandro: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Together?

Since love is not only an elemental force of nature but also a significant aspect of the human experience, it’s honestly no surprise some individuals spend most of their lives searching for it. Though as explored in Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind Brazil: A Fresh Start’ (aka season 4), its truest form is sadly not always a one-and-done type of deal; sometimes it comes after long-term bonds, separations, or divorces. And that’s precisely why both Ariela Carasso as well as Evandro Pinto stepped into the experiment — to see if they could find their forever partner following a few rough past experiences.

Ariela and Evandro Clicked Almost Immediately

From the moment we first came across 34-year-old events director Ariela, it was evident she hadn’t given up hope on finding “the one” despite having been seriously burned in the past. Her most recent ex had actually cheated on her with one of her friends upon growing insecure after she’d decided to undergo bariatric surgery plus abdominoplasty for her physical health. Though little did she know her desire to not worry about her weight anymore while also being able to better care for her young daughter would inadvertently lead to both of them being left behind.

Fortunately, since Ariela knew better men existed thanks to the positive figures already in her life, she chose not to give up on them altogether and it eventually led her to ‘Love is Blind.’ This is where she encountered both 34-year-old entrepreneur Alexandre Thomaz as well as 35-year-old bodyguard turned trader Evandro Pinto in the pods on the first day itself, only to like both. But alas, because the former left a rather negative initial impression on almost every other woman in the experiment — even making a fatphobic comment in the process — she moved on with the latter alone.

After all, Ariela and Evandro had instantly bonded over being girl parents, with him having two daughters in the same age group as her little one, before also finding other common ground. The latter then admitted the most influential people in his life are women, and they even discussed the way they carry themselves in relationships without once bringing up appearance in any manner, which indeed indicated they were in this for all the right reasons. It, hence, comes as no surprise their innate romantic connection only grew as time passed, with the latter ultimately proposing in the sweetest manner following his declaration of love.

Ariela and Evandro’s ensuing first face-to-face interaction reiterated their bond too, especially as both of their nerves calmed down the moment they got to truly hold one another, share a few kisses, and joke around. It honestly seemed like their physical as well as sexual chemistry matched their emotional compatability to a tee, but that didn’t seem to be the case when they finally made it to the romantic getaway. Despite their respect for one another and communication levels not changing even after they began getting to know one another in person, something else did in Santa Catarina.

Ariela simply couldn’t let herself go completely — she understandably didn’t want to be intimate with cameras around for the sake of their daughters, but there was something else too. Evandro never once pushed her in any way, yet there was still the feeling of her not being comfortable in the air — it was as if her cynicism, doubts, and insecurities were taking over their romance. Unfortunately, it’s true because everything began crumbling apart the minute they stepped into the real world, especially with her learning he had a fling right before filming — she decided to leave. The duo did manage to talk things out the following morning, yet their issues persisted, and they had yet another fight after he told her he had a 12-year-old son he was trying to establish contact with.

Ariela and Evandro Are No Longer Together

This time, though, it was Evandro who left — he felt as if he, his opinions, or his vulnerability weren’t being respected in any way, shape, or form, driving him to give up on their romance plus the experience altogether. In the end, from what we can tell from Ariela and Evandro’s respective social media platforms, it appears as if this duo never rekindled their romance or even tried to establish any sort of long-term platonic connection between them. The real world, their pasts, their different beliefs, as well as other individualistic internal and external elements, had undoubtedly become a part of their relationship, as a result of which, they called it quits for good.

We say this with confidence because Ariela and Evandro don’t even follow one another on Instagram at the moment, let alone remain in amicable contact through likes or comments. They have since conceded being on ‘Love is Blind’ was an incredible experience because they got to meet so many new people and build some great new friendships, but that’s it. After all, what we do know is that both these singletons — the event planner plus rising public figure and the Lifestyle Scalper trader — seem perfectly content with their lives these days, which is all that matters in the long run. The duo simply seem to be focusing on their respective children and their professions, which apparently gives them a true sense of purpose, and, in turn, happiness, making us root for their success too.

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