Aryna Sabalenka Net Worth: How Rich is the Tennis Player?

While there’s no denying Aryna Siarhiejeŭna Sabalenka is one of the biggest names in the world of professional tennis at the moment, she has had her fair share of ups and downs over the years. After all, she was relatively unknown until 2017 but then spiked up the rankings to reach as high as World #2 in singles within a few years, as carefully indicated in Netflix’s ‘Break Point’ as well. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about her — with a particular focus on her background, career trajectory, as well as current net worth — we’ve got the essential details for you.

How Did Aryna Sabalenka Earn Her Money?

Although born in the wondrous sporting capital of Minsk, Belarus, in May 1998 as the elder of two daughters to Yulia and Sergey Sabalenka, Aryna admittedly came across tennis by pure chance. “One day, my [former professional ice hockey player] dad was just driving me somewhere in the car, and on the way he saw tennis courts,” she candidly revealed in an interview with First Post back in November 2017. “So he took me to the courts. I really liked it and enjoyed it and that’s how it was. That’s how it all started… I like ths tennis life. Being on the court is my favorite part.”

However, it wasn’t until Aryna was 15 that she began competing in any of the main events for ITF’s Junior Circuit since she had decided to focus on U14 and U16 Tennis Europe Tours instead. She thus never got an opportunity to contest in a single Junior Grand Slam tournament or top-level event, no matter the playing type, making her career-high ranking a mere 225 at that point. It hence comes as no surprise she began training at Minsk’s National Tennis Academy almost as soon as it opened in 2014 before turning pro the following year to show off her aggressive style.

The truth is Aryna has an unprecedented serve owing to her 5’11” stature, which, combined with her sheer arm strength as well as a passion for the sport, makes her come across as powerful. Therefore, of course, she grasped a lot of attention the moment she consistently made her way to international/ Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tours, especially as she won matches. Her first professional match win was actually in 2014, followed by two $10k titles in consecutive weeks, a $25k title in 2015, two additional $50k titles in 2016, plus a lot of noise from her Fed Cup debut.

Then came Aryna’s World #137 ranking, her first WTA Tour main draw event, her Grand Slam debut, as well as many more opportunities to help her build a name for herself, which she did. The proud Belarusian actually let her racket do all the talking in the ensuing years and not only reached Round sessions at every Grand Slam but also won a few massive tournament finals. She even crossed into the top-10 position in singles and secured a #2 in doubles alongside Elise Mertens in 2019, just to then bag three more WTA titles in 2020 despite the new norms owing to covid-19.

Nevertheless, it was 2021 that was arguably one of Aryna’s greatest years as an overall athlete — she ranked #1 in doubles, #2 in singles, plus reached the Wimbledon and US Open semifinals. Then came 2022, wherein she became a runner-up for the WTA Finals as well as reached the US Open semifinal again despite her internal struggles owing to the Russia-Ukraine war.

What is Aryna Sabalenka’s Net Worth?

With Aryna’s 19 career titles, 13 in singles and six in doubles, including her 2023 Australia Open win as well as her 2023 second Madrid win; it’s evident she has earned a lot throughout her career. In fact, since a first-round win itself on WTA Tours ostensibly guarantees $100,000, the prize money for Australia Open is nearly $3 million, and semi-finalists of other Grand Slam events secure roughly half of the same, the 25-year-old has made at least $14 million in her decade as an athlete. Therefore, when combined with her additional income from sponsorships or collaborations, along with other aspects like her assets and expenses, it seems like Aryna’s net worth is close to an astounding $16 million as of writing.

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