Ashleigh “Ash” Warren From Swiping America: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Greg Endries/Max

Max’s ‘Swiping America’ is a documentary romance series that focuses on the life of four singles from New York City, New York. Created by Johnnie Ingram and Steve Warren, the show gives them the opportunity to visit eight different cities in the USA and explore their romantic options there. Featured in season 1, Ashleigh “Ash” Warren also took part in the experiment and has become beloved by many due to her charisma and journey. If you are interested in learning more about her, worry not because we have your back!

Ashleigh “Ash” Warren’s Age, Family, and Background

Ash made her way into the Max show at the age of 31 and shared her story with the world. Her father was a pastor by profession, which means that Ash grew up in a very religious environment. However, she had realized very early on that she was only sexually attracted to women. When she was about 18 or 19, Ash had sex for the first time with a 40-year-old woman. As per her account, her father, however, got home at the time and was furious with Ash, declaring that she was not allowed to see her little sister ever again.

The whole experience left Ash shaken, and she tried to fit in the community that she had grown up in, as she was highly attached to the church at that point. However, her views and lifestyle have since changed, and the television star confessed that she and her family are not very close anymore and only communicate via single-sentence texts on special occasions. Nevertheless, Ash is thriving in Brooklyn, New York, as a self-made woman and has embraced her sexuality. Immensely fond of tattoos, she describes herself as a soft masculine woman and loves her dog Drake very much.

Ashleigh “Ash” Warren’s Profession

In order to gain her bachelor’s degree, Ash became a student at San Diego Christian College and graduated with a 3.9 GPA in Communications. She was also a student at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2010. From April 2012 to April 2014, she worked as a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks. Immediately after leaving the coffee chain, she became a part of the Iconic Industry in May 2014 as a Media Buyer.

It was not until May 2016 that Ash once again switched jobs, this time becoming a Media Buyer for The Control Group Media Company, though she stayed there only until October 2016. After all, she launched her own company, So Social Advertising, in January 2016 and remains its CEO as of writing. The company is based in Santa Monica, California, and provides its clients with various marketing strategies in order to maximize profit. After her success, Ash even launched her book called ‘The Micro Influencer’s Brand Partnership Bible’ in August 2022. She also has a podcast called “Burnt Creator.”

Is Ashleigh “Ash” Warren Dating Anyone?

Ash has not shared any updates regarding the status of her romantic life. Having started dating when she was 20, she joined the Max show looking for someone who was like a better version of herself. During the whole process, she did end up meeting some fantastic people like Jordan and Zad, connecting well with the former. However, her bond with Zad soured after the latter’s insistence on veganism during the second date, which Ash thought was too soon.

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