Ashley Allen: Does the Selling the Hamptons Star Have a Boyfriend?

Having played a crucial role in the vents that have unfolded in Max’s ‘Selling the Hamptons,’ Ashley Allen is one face that the fans are likely not to forget soon. From her unique personality and varied connections, she established herself as a prominent force despite newly entering the world of real estate in the show’s second season. With her every action riveting the viewers, it is hardly a wonder that people are happy to receive updates about the woman whose talents are too numerous to count.

Ashley Allen Was Once a Musician

A New Yorker through and through, Ashley Allen is the beloved daughter of Jeff Allen, whose work in the construction world meant that the two were a huge part of the Max series from its very first season. Initially, she had been interested in establishing a career as a musician. Hence, she moved to California and launched her own songs, determined to be the next pop sensation. However, after a few years, she decided to change track and look for a new path in life.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley established Seedybean, a company centered around plants and related products. Depending upon a customer’s requirements, the company’s website provides options that might suit one best. Whether it be a rare plant to add to one’s collection or one that remains friendly to your furry companions, Ashley’s company certainly has it all. Additionally, the portal also offers various plant-based products like skincare products, clothing, and other accessories.

Ashley Allen is in a Happy Relationship

When it comes to her love life, it seems like Ashley Allen is more than content. The reality TV star is dating Jay Moore, and the connection between them certainly seems to be an affectionate one. Since they started dating, the couple has enjoyed traveling around the world. From the snowy landscape of Iceland to the sunny beaches of Miami, each and every place the two have visited has allowed them to form positive memories with each other that they continue to cherish.

Speaking of Jay Moore, Ashley’s boyfriend is certainly a man well-established in his own right when it comes to the world of business. He is the proud founder of X-Treme Restorations, a company dedicated to renovating properties and breathing new lives into them. His passion for taking something old and reforming it into something even better than before can be traced back to his work in car restoration at the age of 16.

Jay’s own father had been a prominent part of the construction industry, with his father having helped build various bridges, tunnels, and other projects for the state of New York. This not only helped him understand the intricacies of the industry itself but also taught Jay just how important work ethic and dedication can be in this line of work. Now, with a business of his own, Jay never shies away from pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ideas.

As such, it is evident that Jay’s various positive attributes might be significant reasons behind Ashley’s affection for him. The two have been together at least since late July 2022, when Ashley first posted a picture of herself and Jay together on Instagram. While it is evident that they have likely known each other for even longer, nothing can negate the fact that the time they have spent together remains cherished by them both. In fact, Ashley and Jay attended the ‘Selling the Hamptons’ season 2 launch party together.

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