Ashley and Manuel: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Together?

Among the various couples featured in season 10 of TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ Ashley Michelle and Manuel Vélez (AKA Jesus Negrito Velez Rojas) were easily able to capture the attention of the viewers, thanks to their on-screen presence. While the two certainly faced many hardships during their time on the show, the pair also got the chance to showcase to the world just why they are so dedicated to each other. Given the tumultuous nature of their relationship, it is hardly a wonder that the fans have become eager to learn more about their latest status as a married couple.

Ashley and Manuel Overcame Many Obstacles on the Show

Ashley Michelle, who hails from Rochester, New York, met Manuel Vélez for the first time in Ecuador while she was visiting the county as a college student. Having been inspired to go on the trip to enjoy tropical beauty, Ashley came across Manuel during a New Year’s Eve party when the latter asked the former to task. The connection that formed between them was certainly a strong one, and both Ashley and Manuel got engaged only about a week after they had first met each other.

Though Ashley and Manuel found themselves happy enough in their whirlwind romance, they soon had to separate as Ashley moved back to the US. Nevertheless, the couple remained in a long-distance for about seven years. Maintaining the relationship was not an easy task for the duo, especially with Mauel already being a father of two. When he was to come to the US, Ashley could not help but feel nervous about how he would react when she told him that she considered herself a “witch.”

Additionally, Ashey was unhappy that Manuel was trying to essentially keep his mother in the dark when it came to his romantic life with Ashley, including the fact that he was traveling to the US to get married. Nevertheless, both Ashley and Manuel were ecstatic that he had moved to the US, but things often remain calm in a show like this. Not only was Manuel uncomfortable with the fact that his partner’s dog, Rico Suave, slept in the same bed as them.

Moreover, Ashley’s open declaration of being a witch seemed to upset Manuel. “A witch looks to tie up and hurt people. It’s very hard for me to hear her say that. And it hurts me. It really hurts me because I’m very Catholic,” he explained. Meanwhile, Ashley was also getting upset that none of Manuel’s friends seemed to be aware of their upcoming wedding. She was especially unhappy that she had not had a chance to connect with Manuel’s two sons, with the father insisting that he was only delaying a proper introduction due to the language barrier.

Apart from all these factors, Ashley was also far from happy about the financial situation between her and her partner, Manuel. Ashey especially seemed against the fact that Manuel was pending money home, even though he had seemingly yet to get a job. Ultimately, the two went for couple’s counseling, which did seem to have helped them understand the past and the future even better. The reality TV stars were also able to make many good memories, like those of their trip to Niagara Falls. Ashley even formed a good connection with Manuel’s family and could not help but tear up about the possibility that they would not be attending the wedding.

Ashley and Manuel Are Still Married

Despite the rocky nature of their journey, Ashley Michelle and Manuel Vélez were able to make the distance and ultimately did get married. The wedding had been planned to be helpful in Florida, but as a hurricane neared their area, Ashley could not help but wonder what this meant and if her dream wedding at her dream location was soon to come to an end. As the date and time of the wedding approached, Ashley developed high amounts of anxiety.

In fact, while Ashley was still en route to the venue, it had started to pour, which only upset her more. Nevertheless, the wedding went off without a hitch. While there was indeed some light drizzle during the ceremony, the beauty and emotions of the occasion easily made those around the now-married couple extremely happy. According to reports, Ashley and Manuel had obtained their marriage license on September 6, 2022, and the actual ceremony was on September 9, 2022. As of writing, it seems like the couple’s marriage is as strong as ever. Quite recently, the two have posted pictures with each other, an indication that things between them are probably on good terms.

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