Sam and Citra: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Married?

Given the amount of fame that often follows the participants of TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ it is hardly surprising that the fans have become deeply invested in the lives of their favorites. Much attention has also been diverted towards season 10’s Sam Wilson and Citra, whose love story easily captured the attention of the world. From religious conversions to possible jail time, their journey on the show was far from easy, leading many to wonder if the two are still with each other.

Sam and Citra’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Sam Wilson and Citra got to know each other first thanks to a dating app. At the time, Citra, a resident of West Bogor, Java, had been looking for some friends, and though she did not have romantic plans at the time, she did think that Sam had a baby face and was intrigued enough by him to start a conversation. Despite their platonic start, the two had entered a relationship by the time they had completed a year of acquaintance. Only about a year later, Sam decided to propose to Citra, who happily accepted.


However, things were not that simple for Sam and Citra. While it was decided that Citra would be moving to Missouri, there were certain things that Sam had to follow through in order to ensure that Citra’s father, Herman, was on board with the plan. Given that Citra and her family are devout Muslims, it was expected that Sam would convert to Islam before marrying Citra. The groom-to-be did not seem to have an objection to this, though his mother did state that she did not think that one should have to change their religion in order to marry.

Sam tried to pull all stops while trying to impress Herman to ensure that he received his blessings. However, he did have some confessions to make that he knew he should be clear about before entering a marriage. Hence, he told both Citra and Herman about having been arrested in the past due to a charge of possession of controlled substances and how he might be facing possible jail time due to a failed diversion program. Sam was worried that this might make Herman against the marriage and that he would take Citra back home.

While Herman did indeed feel like the marriage between Sam and Citra might not be the best idea after the confession, he soon came around, realizing just how much Sam had come to care for his daughter. The fact that Sam had remained respectful of Citra’s religious beliefs surrounding pre-marital sex and marriage to people of a different faith also helped him earn some brownie points with Herman. Ultimately, Herman decided not to take any drastic measures, and the wedding preparations continued as planned, on the condition that Sam would never ever be involved in a situation involving drugs and lawbreaking.

Sam and Citra Remain Happily Married

When the time came, Sam converted to Islam just before he and Citra were married in accordance with Islamic traditions. The ceremony was held in a local mosque, and Sam had to recite the Shahada so as to become a Muslim. While Sam’s mother didn’t attend the ceremony, his father (who chooses to believe in extraterrestrial lives rather than any divine beings) was present so as to support his son, keeping his own beliefs aside.

Sam and Citra were then married in a Nika, which involved Herman formally giving his blessing to the union as the couple entered holy matrimony. The very next day, Sam and Citra’s Christian-style wedding was planned, but Herman objected to it being officiated by a priest, which resulted in a last-minute hurried search for an officiant. Thanks to the fact that Sam’s brother, Luke, was already ordained via the Internet, the ceremony went ahead, much to the joy of the involved parties. While Sam and Citra did start to enjoy marital bliss, Sam’s upcoming court date remained a point of concern for all.

As of writing, it seems evident that both Sam and Citra are very happy in their relationship. The couple often posts pictures and videos with each other, indicating that they are very much enjoying the marital bliss. While there were rumors of a possible pregnancy, Citra has firmly put a stop to that speculation and claimed that the picture being used to point out that she was pregnant was taken in June 2021.

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