Veronica and Jamal: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Together?

The love story of Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies that viewers get to see unfold in TLC’s ’90 Day: The Single Life’ has captivated the attention of many. The show is well-known for following some of the beloved members of the ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ franchise who are trying to explore new romantic connections. Given the ups and downs that this particular couple had to endure while on the show, it is hardly a wonder that the world has become eager to know about the latest status of their relationship.

Veronica and Jamal’s Journey Together

Veronica Rodriguez actually became a big name within the TLC franchise owing to her close connection with Tim Malcolm, who was one of the stars of ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ season 4. Though the two had been in a relationship in the past and even became parents to a daughter named Chloe, they realized they were better off as friends rather than romantic partners. Indeed, their friendship has flourished over the years, though this has also severely impacted their love lives.

In the third season of ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ after having gone through multiple heartbreaks, Veronica revealed the news that she was dating Jamal Menzies. The man in question is the son of Kim Menzies, another star of the franchise. The two had apparently gotten in touch after Jamal messaged Veronica with a compliment for her eyes. The connection between the two did seem to be going strong, but things took a downward turn when Tim openly expressed how he could not believe that Veronica and Jamal were not in an exclusive relationship.

According to Tim, such a situation was not something that Veronica deserved, leading to much tension. However, when ’90 Day: The Single Life’ season 4 came about, Veronica was proud to share that she and Jamal had entered an exclusive relationship and were trying to see how they could make things work. There were certainly many obstacles that the two had to face, including the fact that Jamal was ten years younger than Veronica and not living on the East Coast.

In order to try to make things work, Jamal temporarily moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. He formed a good connection with Chloe, with Veronica confessing that she sometimes felt like Jamal was able to bridge the gap between her and her daughter. However, Jamal was not happy about Tim’s importance in Veronica’s life. He certainly did not seem to like Tim, which Veronica believed was due to Tim’s own dislike for him. Even when Veronica tried to facilitate an outing with Jamal’s friends and Tim, things deteriorated when Jamal and Tim started to argue, and the former raised doubts about Tim’s role as a good father.

Veronica and Jamal Seem to be On Good Terms

As of writing, Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies have not shared an update about their status as a couple. The couple’s love life has become a hot topic among the fans of the show, who feel doubly invested in their journey. Given just how many times Veronica and Tim’s close connection has spelled doom for their romantic connections, the undeniable bad blood between Tim and Jamal has made many question whether this relationship will last for long.

That said, it does not seem like Veronica and Jamal themselves are on bad terms. While the two have not been very open about the latest updates on their relationship, they do continue to follow each other on Instagram. Additionally, Veronica posted a picture with him quite recently on her social media, even if she is curiously absent from her on-screen partner’s social media. This has made many of their fans hopeful that the two are still together. Even if that is not true, we are positive that despite their differences, they remain on good terms.

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