Ashley Taylor My 600-lb Update: Where is She Now?

Image Credit: TLC/YouTube

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life,’ which debuted in 2012, features the motivational testimonies of various excessively obese people who want to live healthier lives by undergoing a weight loss program. The individuals have sedentary lifestyles, depend heavily on food, and frequently weigh well over 600 pounds. They have the chance to start afresh under the supervision of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, and his carefully designed method. If this process is effective, they can qualify for the eagerly awaited weight reduction surgery.

Over its 10 seasons, the reality series has showcased various body transformation stories, some of which are more challenging than others. Ashley Taylor, who made an appearance in season 8 episode 15, was one such cast member, as she dealt with multiple struggles throughout her journey. Her shocking revelations and further efforts to bring her life onto the right track made for a compelling episode, gathering her quite a fan base. Naturally, many must be curious to know where she is at present. If you’re one such curious soul, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything we found out about Ashley Taylor!

Asley Taylor’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Ashley Taylor appeared in ‘My 600-lb Life’ in season 8 in 2020, wherein she confessed about her loneliness and the fears that accompany her as a result. Then 24, she revealed that food is her only companion and comfort, without which she slipped into a world of mental issues, especially depression. Ashley had a tough childhood which led her to live a life of deceit and isolation. Ashley narrated her story beginning with her food addiction which was set off at the young age of 3. It escalated quickly to reach 200 pounds on the scale by age 7, and she almost doubled in size as she reached 14.

As Ashley’s weight kept increasing, she also faced a lot of bullying, which affected her self-esteem, making her secluded from others. On top of that, the young woman added that she had to face the trauma of her father abandoning their family when she was young and later getting raped by a neighbor. Some more family issues emerged when her grandmother died when she was 20, and her mother was in an epilepsy institution. As such, Ashley turned to food for her only solace and comfort, along with which she also got herself into some crooked habits.

As it turned out, Ashley was habitually catfishing people from the mere age of 12, and she continued with it, assuming around 3000 personas over all the years. She admitted to catfishing those people on social media for several years before she finally had to bear it all on the MTV reality show, ‘Catfish.’ There, she appeared not once but twice because she resumed her antics even after being called out on the show. Having to deal with not just her physical health but also her mental health, Ashley was brought to an intervention during her second appearance.

However, her rude external behavior at that time only made things worse. “I’m no angel…I recently got caught impersonating someone on the internet, and I hope people know that I never meant to hurt anyone, that was never my intention,” Ashley said on the show. When she got in touch with Dr. Now, she said that she had already lost some weight and was ready to get the surgery without revealing her weight at that time. However, the doctor wanted her to lose some more weight to see her commitment to the program.

Where is Ashley Taylor Today?

When the Temple, Texas native went to Houston to visit Dr. Now, Ashley admitted to being in extreme pain throughout her body. She asked for immediate surgery, but the doctor insisted that she lose some more weight. When Ashley couldn’t lose much in the first 2 months, Dr. Now not only gave her a strict diet but also assigned her regular therapy sessions with therapist Lola Clay. When the therapist learned about Ashley’s catfishing personality, she gave her the task of writing an honest online description with real pictures to overcome her insecurities and dissociative behavior.

Even though Ashley agreed to the task after unsuccessfully trying to shed additional weight, it did little to strengthen her resolve. Even after months of diligently working hard for weight loss, she still weighed 469 pounds at her last weigh-in, which meant she only lost around 17 pounds in 4 months. Since she couldn’t lose much, the number was too high to qualify for the gastric bypass procedure. However, Ashley remained positive and promised she would be back after losing the recommended weight to get approved for the surgery. She said, “I’m proud of all that I’ve already been able to accomplish so far.”

Ashley added, “I’m not gonna give up, and I’m not gonna fail at this, because there’s a future out there that was supposed to be mine, to begin with, and I gave it up to food…So, I’m fighting to get back what’s mine.” To the dismay of her fans, Ashley has not provided any updates on her weight loss journey after the show. She is also not present on any social media platforms, probably to stay away from her catfishing habits or just to focus on shedding weight. Thus, we can only hope and wish that Ashley has been able to overcome her loneliness and insecurities and is on track to living a healthy and happy life.

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