Asif Kapadia to Direct The Captain and the Enemy Adaptation Next

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter/YouTube

Academy Award-winner Asif Kapadia’s next film is ‘The Captain and the Enemy.’ Based on Graham Greene’s novel of the same name, the movie follows a young boy named Victor Baxter, who is taken from his boarding school by a secretive stranger known as “the Captain” to live in London. He then becomes the surrogate son and companion of a woman named Liza, who renames him “Jim” and depends on him to learn any news about the world outside their door.

Image Credit: VICE/YouTube

As the narrative progresses, Jim starts to question Liza’s relationship with the Captain, who is often away on mysterious errands. When he reaches manhood, Jim “confronts the Captain and learns the shocking truth about the man, his allegiances, and the nature of love,” as per the official logline.

The movie is Kapadia’s first feature film since the 2016 war drama ‘Ali and Nino.’ His latest project is ‘Creature,’ a filmed theatre production of Akram Khan’s English National Ballet work of the same name. Before the same, Kapadia directed the documentary film ‘Diego Maradona,’ chronicling the life of the Argentinian soccer legend. He also directed two episodes of Netflix’s psychological thriller series ‘Mindhunter.’

Kapadia’s credits include Oscar-winner ‘Amy,’ which centers around singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse’s life, career, and struggle with substance abuse, and ‘Senna,’ which revolves around the life and death of Brazilian motor-racing champion Ayrton Senna.

Renowned novelist William Boyd is adapting Greene’s novel for the film. Although he is best known as the author of acclaimed works such as ‘A Good Man in Africa’ and ‘Any Human Heart,’ he is also a screenwriter whose credits include ‘Spy City,’ BBC’s ‘Restless,’ Robert Downey Jr.-starrer ‘Chaplin,’ etc.

Bad Penny Entertainment, GCB Films, Infinity Hill (‘Argentina, 1985’), and Metamorphis Films have teamed up for the production of the film. The producers/executive producers of the movie are Phin Glynn and Victor Glynn (‘Staged’ and ‘A Bit of Light’), Axel Kuschevatzky (‘The Summit’ and ‘The Clan’), Geoff Iles (‘Waiting for Anya’), and Charlie Wood (‘Cordelia’). The project is currently in the development stage, gearing up for its production phase.

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