At Midnight Ending, Explained: Do Sophie and Alejandro End Up Together?

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Paramount+’s romantic comedy ’At Midnight’ follows the story of a film star and a hotel manager who fall in love with each other. Sophie is a movie star who has recently had a breakup that she barely got the time to process. She arrives in Mexico for the filming of her next movie and meets Alejandro. They have a great time together but there are a lot of obstacles in their path. They also suffer from miscommunication, refusing to accept their feelings, which might lead a person to believe that despite their love for each other, they will not end up together. Still, their dreamy romance makes one hope that they work things out. If you are wondering what happens to them at the end of the film, then we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

At Midnight Plot Synopsis

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Sophie is a young actress who became famous after starring in a movie called ‘Super Society’. Now, she is preparing to film its third and final installment. She co-stars in it with Adam, who is on his way to winning an Oscar. He also happens to be Sophie’s boyfriend. The media and their fans love them together, which is why things become complicated when Sophie finds Adam kissing another woman. She is repulsed by this betrayal but considers this a chance to be free and live her life as she wishes.

For the final phase of filming, the crew arrives in Mexico where they are to stay for six weeks. At the hotel, she meets Alejandro, the junior manager, who comes off as a very sweet and genuine person. They immediately hit it off and want to spend more time together. However, Alejandro is bound by the hotel policy which forbids employees from getting romantically involved with the guests.

Sophie, too, can’t be seen publicly romancing him because, according to the rest of the world, she and Adam are still together. Ignoring the rules, Sophie and Alejandro continue meeting each other in secret. Because of both of their work schedules, they can’t see each other during the day. So, they decide to meet at midnight every night.

At Midnight Ending: Do Sophie and Alejandro End up Together?

Image Credit: Camila Jurado/Paramount +

Sophie and Alejandro come from completely different worlds. She is an actress on the rise, the face of a successful superhero franchise. He is a junior manager at a big hotel on the path to beaming a manager of the hotel branch in New York. Both of them have big dreams about their future. She wants to break away from the image of a commercial actor and make a name for herself, as opposed to her current image, which she believes is connected to Adam. Alejandro eventually wants to run a hotel of his own in San Miguel. Their dreams take them in completely different directions and this is what creates problems between them.

At the beginning of the movie, Alejandro is revealed to be the kind of man who doesn’t want to be attached to someone for too long. He has romantic flings with tourists because he knows that their time in Mexico is limited and they’ll eventually leave, making no room for any unlikely expectations from what their encounter might mean. With Sophie, it starts out similarly. He doesn’t expect it to turn out any differently, knowing that she is bound to leave six weeks later.

Sophie, too, considers it a temporary fling, something to get her mind off the mess made by Adam. Soon, however, she starts taking it seriously, but a fight with Alejandro makes her realize that she is a tourist after all. When Alejandro proposes the idea of giving their relationship a chance, she refuses to, saying that they already did and it didn’t work out. She becomes aware of the fact that she doesn’t factor in Alejandro’s plans. Whether or not he goes to New York, he wants to settle down in San Miguel eventually, running his own hotel. Sophie wants the same for him, which is why she can’t ask him to leave that dream and move to a different place for her.

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Similarly, she doesn’t want him to expect her to leave her dreams for him. She is an actress, which means that she will be a tourist, going where the film demands her. She is in Mexico today and will be in some other country the next month, and this will continue as long as she works. So, she decides that it’s better if they don’t start something that they know is going to end and make things painful in the process.

For a moment, it looks like Sophie and Alejandro will be going their separate ways. However, at the wrap party for her film, Sophie meets a young girl who says that she is inspired by her. Sophie believes that the girl is talking about her superhero character in the movie, but the girl says that she is talking about Sophie, not the fictional character. Sophie always wanted to be recognized for herself and didn’t wish to get caught up in the image of her role or her relationship with Adam. After meeting the girl, she realizes that she is already doing that.

Sophie’s revelation leads her to deduce that she already has the very thing that she was worrying about. The same thought extends to her relationship with Alejandro. She wanted to end up with someone that she loved, a man who would love her and support her. She was hoping to find him somewhere down the line, but it turns out that she’d already found him. She also realizes that it wouldn’t be fair to not give their relationship a chance. So, she shows up at Alejandro’s door, and they decide to make things work, no matter what.

Does Alejandro Open His Hotel?

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When Sophie asks Alejandro about what he wants from his life, he talks about wanting to run a hotel of his own in San Miguel. She asks why hasn’t he done that already, and he says it’s because he is scared that it might fail. What if it doesn’t turn out to be as good as he wanted it to be? She tells him not to think too much about what hasn’t happened because if he never tries, he’ll never know. In the end, this very thought leads Sophie to give their relationship another chance. When she arrives at Alejandro’s door, she discovers that he is packing up.

It turns out that following the fight with Sophie, Alejandro realized that he had been stopping himself from doing the very thing to which he had dedicated his life. His inability to take risks and give his dreams a chance had held him back for so long. His affair with Sophie becomes common knowledge, leading to complications at work, and Alejandro discovers that his chances of going to New York are not going to pan out. Instead of chasing after it, he decides to leave the job and start working on the idea of his own hotel.

The road isn’t quite clear for Alejandro even now. He still needs to work out a plan and still, and he can’t control how things will turn out. The important thing, however, is that he is going to give his dream a chance. The outcome is a thing of the future and he has decided not to fret about it just yet. He’ll focus on keeping things afloat for as long as he can. He walks into the relationship with Sophie with the same mindset, which means that he, as well as Sophie, has prepared himself for the challenges and is ready to do whatever it takes to make things work.

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