Ati Williams From Hack My Home: Everything We Know

‘Hack My Home’ is a Netflix home renovation series that combines property transformation with creativity in a way that is both jaw-dropping and satisfying. Making use of fresh ideas, technology, and available resources, the four featured experts try their level best to give their clients just what they need. For Ati Williams, the construction expert, the job is far from simple as she has the task of converting most of the theoretical ideas into reality. If you are also someone highly impressed by her skills and are eager to know more about her, we have your back!

Ati Williams’ Age, Family and Background

Ati Williams was born in February 1979 and celebrated her 44th birthday in 2023. As it turns out, she grew up in Kenya but left her home country at 17. From a young age, the Netflix star was close to her father, who was a pilot by profession. Even today, Ati cherishes everything that he taught her through his lessons, and the time that they spent together remains invaluable for her. Needless to say, words often fail the personality when trying to explain just how much she misses her father, who is not with us anymore.

Ati Williams’ Profession

From 1999 to 2002, Ati Williams was a student at York University, following which she worked hard to make a place for herself as a working woman. In 2008, she joined DC Home Buzz as a Principal Broker in Washington DC. While still with the organization, Ati established Honeycomb Residential in January 2012 and continues to lead it even today. Through her company, she provides design and general contracting services that have often been well-received by many.

Ati also became a part of Pipeline Angels as a Member in order to further her entrepreneurship skills. In March 2016, she ended up parenting with NextGen Venture Partners as an Angel Investor. However, in 2017, she left Pipeline Angeles and departed from NextGen in December 2018. She also left DC Home Buzz in 2021 and is now solely focused on Honeycomb. Interestingly, Ati has been a part of television projects before the Netflix series, given her participation in HGTV’s ‘DC Flippers.’

It seems like Ati’s interest in the field of home construction gena when she was around 23 and had gotten a townhouse in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. During her six months of stay in the property, she had made minor improvements in the house but selling it only after that helped her earn a profit of $31,000, making her realize just how she could work within this particular field.

Ati Williams’ Ex-Husband and Kid

During her tenure with ‘DC Flippers,’ Ati had actually partnered with her then-husband Rob Williams, and the two have started working on renovations together after four months of dating. Though the two seemingly liked working with each other and were quite appreciative of all the help that their respective spouses were providing, it seems like the two have since separated. As of writing, Ati is seemingly single and is focused on her growth as a renovator. However, the greatest joy in her life seems to be her daughter, Amelia, whom she adores very much. Ati is now based in San Diego, California, and is very well respected for her work.

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