Brooks Atwood From Hack My Home: All We Know About the Star

Given the amalgamation of technology, comfort, and creativity that Netflix’s ‘Hack My Home’ has become known for, it is no wonder the home improvement series has been praised by so many viewers. A large part of this appreciation can be laid at the feet of the four experts of the show, who genuinely try to keep the need of their clients in their mind. However, there are few who can beat the sheer innovation shown by Brooks Atwood in this show as he tried to juggle every requirement, resource, and possibility to make jaw-dropping additions to different houses.

Brooks Atwood Has Always Been an Amicable Personality

A man of words and actions, Brooks is well respected by those around him not only for his creativity but his ability to put those around him at ease. This is evident in ‘Hack My Home,’ when he tries his level best to engage with his clients and truly listen to their needs and requirements. Thanks to his amicable nature and humor, he is certainly someone people cannot help but feel comfortable around. The only thing as iconic as the innovator’s talents might be his hair which has often been remarked upon by people around him.

Brooks Atwood’s Profession

In 1994, Brooks joined the Illinois Institute of Technology and ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree with high honors in 1999 and was given the valedictorian spot. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he became a Designer for Florian Architects in 1999 but left the company in 2002. During this year, Brooks joined the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation and gained his Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design in 2003.

Brooks became an Architect and Project Designer for Archi-Tectonics in 2003 and established Brooks Atwood Design in August of the same year. Given his frankly impressive skills and jaw-dropping resume, it is no wonder that the designer has been affiliated with several companies over the years, like G Tects, Bellboi, Stargate, and Nucleus Vision. Additionally, his work has allowed him to work as a designer with networks like NBC, CBS, and Showtime.

Over the years, Brooks has also served as an educator. In August 2004, he became an Adjunct Professor for the New Jersey Institute of Technology, retaining the position until April 2010. Starting in March 2010, he started serving as Assistant Professor of Product Design until March 2014. September of 2010 also saw Brooks becoming an Assistant Director of the Idea Factory, though he left the post in September 2013. From June 2009 to September 2016, he was also an Adjunct Part-Time Faculty member for the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons School of Design.

Interestingly, Brooks has long been a part of the entertainment industry, having worked as an Actor in ‘Berserker Bock’ in 2011. He also served as a Director for an Esquire Magazine short film starring Margot Robbie. As for reality TV, he was one of the finalists in ‘Design Star’ season 8, bagging 2nd place in the competition. The Netflix star also served as a judge for ‘Shop Class,’ a Disney+ show. As of writing, Brooks is the Master of Design and Co-Founder of Berries Design while also serving as an Advisor for Stay Open.

Brooks Atwood’s Life With Wife and Kid

Coming to his personal life, Brooks Atwood is happily married to Gianna Wurzl. The couple actually has a daughter named Ollie, who turned two in May 2023. Both Brooks and his wife adore their daughter and are often happy to show her off on social media. The relationship between Brooks and Gianna also seems warm, and they are based in Laguna Beach, California. We wish the happy family the best in their lives, hoping they have a wonderful future.

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