Mikel Welch From Hack My Home: All We Know About the Star

Netflix’s ‘Hack My Home’ is a home improvement series that truly uses the skills of four experts to combine creativity, technology, and beauty. The show is known for its post-transformation results that comply with the needs of the homeowners while also taking care of additional elements that few might have thought of. However, no renovation is complete without good design choices, as seen through Mikel Welch’s work in the show. If you are one of his fans and are eager to learn more about the designer, we have your back!

Mikel Welch is Very Close to His Family

During his younger years, Mikel grew up in Southfield, Michigan, and would channel his inner creativity through legos. Seeing him make furniture pieces out of the pieces of the plastic toy allowed those closest to him, including his parents, to understand just how talented and passionate he was when it came to designing and creating. Having grown up alongside siblings, Mikel is quite close to his family and has a great relationship with his mother and father. Apart from designing houses, Mikel is also quite particular about fashion and is always vigilant about wearing the perfect fit for any occasion.

Mikel Welch’s Profession

From 1997 to 2002, Mikel was a student at Morehouse College, gaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. This was followed by his joining Crate & Barrel in August 2009 as a Design Consultant, but he then left the job in May 2011. In the latter month, he ended up becoming a part of Style Network as an Art Coordinator (Jerseylicious and Glam Fairy). As of writing, Mikel apparently continues to be a part of the latter organization.

One of Mikel’s proudest accomplishments is perhaps his own New York-based interior design venture called Mikel Welch Designs, having satisfied many customers over the years. He is also quite a television personality who is well-known for being one of the hosts of ‘Murder House Flip.’ For this particular project, he partnered with Sarah Listi, and the show was nominated for the American Reality TV Award as a hopeful within the Unique Concept category. Some of Mikle’s other television works include ‘Trading Spaces,’ ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta,’ and ‘Good Morning America.’

Over the years, Mikel has worked with many well-known celebrities and helped brighten up their spaces. This includes Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Faith Hill, Steve Harvey, Harry Connick Jr, and Halle Berry. Due to his past projects, he is also on friendly terms with Drew Barrymore. Given the excellency of his work, Mikel was declared one of the 2020 NEXT WAVE designers by House Beautiful in the January of the mentioned year.

Mikel Welch is Likely Not Dating Anyone

As of writing, Mikel does not seem to be in a relationship. The celebrity designer is certainly thriving in his life and has been happily promoting his Netflix project, having seemingly formed good bonds with his fellow experts, Jessica Banks, Ali Williams, and Brooks Atwood. With over 61 thousand Instagram followers, Mikle certainly has an appreciative following who always cheer him on for his different works in the field of design and entertainment. His amalgamation of the two worlds has certainly helped him gain respect from many. We wish Mikel the best in his life and hope he has a wonderful future ahead.

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