Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Ending, Explained

To say that things are heating up in ‘Attack of Titan’ would not be an understatement. For so long, avid fans have been wondering where the Levi squad is, and episode 6 finally gives us some answers. Not only does the narrative make use of fast-paced action sequences, but we finally get to see who the War Hammer Titan is. This episode is a rather exciting one, and if you still have some unanswered questions, we might be able to answer them for you. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Before the big speech (seen in the previous episode), Willy hugged his kids and family members goodbye. His conversation with Commander Magath, shown as a retrospection, makes it clear that the head of the Tybur family knew that his life was at risk before going on the stage. However, Willy also knew that unless he and innocent Eldian civilians were to die, Marley would not receive everyone’s sympathy. In the present time, Eren ends up eating Willy, thinking he is the War Hammer Titan.

However, it is actually Willy’s youngest sister who has inherited the titan, and she transforms immediately. As the Attack Titan and the War Hammer Titan fight it out, Magath prepares the military forces as well. Due to the War Hammer Titan’s somewhat unique ability, she is able to produce weapons at will, and so she fashions a spike out of the titan hardening power, which impales the Attack Titan.

While Falco is missing, Pieck and Porco are finally saved by the Panzer Unit. Eren seems to be fighting a losing battle as the Marleyan forces also use anti-titan weaponry against him. Just as the War Hammer Titan prepares to deal the final blow, Mikasa shows up and detonates a couple of thunder spears in the enemy titan’s nape. Eren’s other accomplices also join the battlefield.

As they call the reserve forces to the front lines, Magath states that they need to ensure that the War Hammer Titan can eat the Attack Titan as that is the only way to end the conflict. On the battlefield, Eren and Mikasa note that the enemy titan is still standing after several ambushes. He then comes up with a plan to eat the War Hammer Titan, whereas, on the other side of town, Gabi wants to join the fight, especially after Zofia’s and Udo’s death.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Ending: Where is Falco?

Mikasa keeps attacking the War Hammer Titan, and in the meantime, Eren notes that unlike most titans, the enemy titan’s body was formed from its feet. He infers that the user is not in the nape but instead is underneath the stage. Eren follows and severs the cable that attaches the Tybur offspring with her titan. But before he can eat her, the Jaw Titan attacks him.

However, thanks to Levi and his sword skills, Eren is saved. After all, Levi cleverly cuts the muscle in his jaw, rendering the Jaw Titan’s abilities useless. In the end, Porco finds himself cornered by Eren’s accomplices, including members of the Levi squad. Although it seems as though Porco is done for momentarily, we still think that there is some hope for him. At first, we thought that Falco might have gone to call for backup, but that wouldn’t make sense as the Marleyan warriors already know where the action is. So, where is Falco?

Falco’s presence throughout the episode cannot be confirmed. The last time we saw him, he was in the basement with Eren and Reiner. In fact, that basement is exactly where Eren transforms into a titan and launches the attack in the first place. Since the anime follows the manga closely, it is safe to assume that Reiner also partially turned into a titan to protect Falco, who is now looking at the many horrors of war once again. Based on this assumption, it is possible that Falco is in the same building and sees the entire battle between the War Hammer Titan and the Attack Titan take place.

Although we don’t want to give you any spoilers, we will say that in the manga, Reiner is injured and cannot seem to regenerate. So, in all likelihood, while the events of episode 6 take place, Falco is trying to find someone that can help out Reiner and him. However, the pacing of season 4 is also quite different, and so we can only find out more in the next few episodes.

Does the War Hammer Titan Provide Clues About Annie’s Predicament?

All the way back in season 1, we see Annie crystallize herself in an extremely hard substance. It’s almost as if she’s been in limbo ever since then, and this titan armor is quite similar to the one that the War Hammer Titan is also encased in. Although Annie is still in Paradis and we don’t know too much about her fate, it seems as though this is an obvious attempt at foreshadowing. In the previous episode, Annie’s father even tells Reiner’s mother that Annie will return because she had promised to do so.

While the armor is quite efficient in saving the person inside it from physical harm, we don’t really know too much about how it functions or what exact material it is made from. But one can’t help but feel as though the War Hammer Titan’s ability has an implication for the Female Titan as well. After all, both these titans have been inherited by women, and it could be the case that this crystallizing ability can only be used by them. It could also be the case that both these titans will be eaten by Eren and his accomplices later on in the series. Given that season 4 will be tying up a lot of loose ends, this is one thread that we anticipate will also be explored soon.

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