Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Based on the eponymous manga written by Hajime Isayama, ‘Attack on Titan’ is one anime that has only become better with every season. It is one show that is loved by all and needs no introduction, so we’re going to get right to the point. In season 4 episode 7, we see the Titans from Marley and Paradis Island face off in a vicious battle. Who wins and who loses? Well, we’ve got all the answers you’re searching for and then some. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

The episode is aptly titled ‘Assault,’ and in the very beginning, we see the Cart Titan coming to rescue the Jaw Titan from the Paradis soldiers. Furthermore, the Beast Titan joins the fight, whereas the War Hammer Titan tries to put her best foot forward. Emerging from the building, Falco sees the entire battle take place in front of him and curses Eren. Falco then realizes that Reiner transformed to save him but is now rendered unconscious.

It seems as though the Marleyans are gaining the upper hand in the fight, and even Eren is unable to eat the War Hammer Titan since she is encased in the crystal armor. He transforms into a titan for the third time in the battle while Falco finds Commander Magath and informs him about Reiner’s condition. Gabi, fueled with anger, also shows up at the scene. In the meantime, Armin transforms into the Colossal Titan at the seaport, killing the backup soldiers and destroying the lives of many in the process.

Levi attacks the Beast Titan, and the Paradis soldiers attack the Cart Titan; both Marleyan Warriors face a heavy barrage. Pieck is severely injured and cannot regenerate fast enough. The Jaw Titan, in the meanwhile, engages the Attack Titan in combat. This is when Eren realizes that the Jaw Titan is the only one who can penetrate the armor of the War Hammer Titan.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Ending: What Does the Airship Signify?

Just as the battle intensifies, Hange shows up with her crew in an airship to recover the Paradis soldiers from Marley. The Jaw Titan tries to attack this ship, but Mikasa cuts off his legs, whereas the Attack Titan tears apart his arms. Eren then forces Porco to crush the crystal, and the former drinks the blood of the War Hammer Titan, thereby inheriting its power. The Attack Titan shows the Jaw Titan no mercy, and it is clear that Eren fully plans to consume this titan as well. However, Gabi and Falco, in a last-ditch attempt, scream loudly so as to wake Reiner up, and it works.

Reiner shows up in the form of an unarmoured titan. Needless to say, it would have been quite hard for Eren to consumer the War Hammer Titan’s spinal fluid if Porco had not wanted to bring down the airship. After all, that when Mikasa launches her attack. But more than that, the airship is a throwback to Grisha’s own childhood. It was because of the airship that he left the confines of the town with his sister, and this incident ultimately ended with her death. Subsequently, this led Grisha to infiltrate Paradis Island and injecting Eren with the power of the titans.

The airship’s symbology is quite powerful. It depicts that the narrative is coming full circle for Eren’s generation, but this time around, things are different. Marley’s primary source of power are titans, but with everyone developing anti-titan weapons, things will not be in their favor for much longer. Secondly, the people of Paradis are no longer the clueless and timid people who once had no knowledge about the titans. Evidently, they have made significant scientific and technological strides; otherwise, they would not have been able to level the playing field. At first glance, it seems as though the airship is simply for evacuation, but it actually holds a deeper meaning.

Are the Marleyan Titans Dead?

Not only does Levi revive his iconic rivalry with the Beast Titan, the Paradis soldiers also relentlessly attack the other Marleyan titans. Clearly, Eren and his friends have gained a deeper understanding about titans and have come up with strategic methods to gain the upper hand and avenge their fallen countrymates. So, it is not surprising that they choose to launch a deadly attack against the Marleyan Warriors. The Beast Titan is first defeated by Levi and is then fired at ferociously. Pieck also suffers heavy injuries and cannot regenerate quickly. The Jaw Titan is limbless, and Eren definitely plans on consuming him next.

We get no conclusive answers as to how fatal the injuries really are, especially in the case of the Beast Titan. However, we will concede that we have some information about the Cart Titan’s condition. But is Zeke alive, or have the Paradis forces been able to wipe him out? Well, if we go by the manga (which the anime closely follows), then it seems unlikely that Zeke has perished. Moreover, it would simply be too easy if the Beast Titan fell down in such a fashion, and “easy” is not how ‘Attack on Titan’ does things.

We expect to find out more about Zeke’s fate in the next episode, but for all intents and purposes, it seems as though he will survive to fight Levi yet again. As far as Pieck is concerned, it seems highly unlikely that she will succumb to her injuries, especially since the battle will end soon and she can receive proper medical care. Lastly, it seems as though the Jaw Titan will be rescued by Reiner’s unarmoured titan, and so Marley will be able to hold on to their warriors for the moment. Although it is noteworthy that many troops have fallen, and so the Marleyan military will not have the same might as before.

What Are Eren’s Intentions?

Eren consumes the War Hammer Titan for somewhat obvious reasons: not only does it give him the power of another titan, but it also provides Paradis Island with more titans to protect themselves. In fact, we had been expecting him to consume the Tybur offspring anyway. However, he seems intent on wanting to consume the Jaw Titan as well. On the surface, it seems like the most obvious move to make. After all, this will only strengthen his motherland’s position in the world.

But one can’t help but notice that Eren already has a couple of titan shifters’ powers, and adding another one to his repertoire could have potentially dangerous outcomes. While Marley has distributed the power of the titans between different people, it would appear as though Eren has no such plans. This only makes us questions his intentions more.

In the first couple of seasons, we see Eren as this naïve, idealistic, and determined boy who believed the world was rather black and white. However, as he grows up, he realizes that humans do terrible things to each other, and this rather optimistic worldview is shattered. We first get a glimpse of this in season 4, when Eren tells Reiner that they are the same and that Eren will attack Marley for the same reasons that Reiner attacked Paradis Island: to save the world.

Eren has adopted a rather pragmatic approach, especially when compared to his former self. He is now the kind of person for whom the end seemingly justifies the means. With this in mind, it is becoming harder and harder to give him the benefit of the doubt anymore. Naturally, it seems like he’s trying to unite the 9 titans so as to procure the power of Ymir and learn more about what the past looked like for humans. But at the same time, there is no denying that he will be the most powerful entity on Earth, akin to a god. With all the death, destruction, and sadness that he’s seen in his formative years, a part of him could want to take cold-blooded revenge. Does he have a vision of peace or of war? We can only find out as the series progresses.

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