All Avengers, Ranked From Least to Most Powerful

Who is the most powerful Avenger? We don’t even know who the strongest is – both Hulk and Thor would say themselves. But the most powerful? In a team where all of them are heroes in their own right, we have made an attempt to rank them by their powers – which include gifts, skills, weaponry.

Please note, no members of the Guardians of the Galaxy feature on this list since they are technically allies of the Avengers and not members of the team. Also, we are very excited about the release of Captain Marvel and will have to reconsider our list after she is introduced to the cinematic universe. With that said here’s the list of all Avengers characters, ranked from least to most powerful.


16. Black Widow

It’s not every day that the world’s finest spy, an expert in hand to hand combat and a master interrogator ends up at the bottom of the list. But when the list is made up of superheroes, humans with no powers tend to be relegated to lower positions. However, she is an integral member of the team, a master extractor of information and absolutely deadly in combat, the Black Widow deserves her own movie soon so we can watch some slick action moves and figure out what really happened in Budapest between her and Hawkeye.


15. Hawkeye

A sharpshooter, perhaps the world’s best archer and skilled at hand to hand combat, Barton often gets overlooked because really, who carries a handful of arrows to an alien invasion. However, he is one of SHIELD’s most trusted operatives and as we saw during his daring attack to free Loki – he is a master tactician. Furthermore, Barton apart from his skills of combat is a personification of strong family values and has one of the strongest moral compasses in the team. We really hope he makes a stand against Thanos in the second movie, the team needs all the help it can get and Hawkeye just might be crucial at a time like this.


14. Falcon

A former member of the US Air Force, Wilson was a soldier just like the Captain, a man who was having trouble readjusting to civilian life. Captain America’s friendship gave him a new sense of purpose and he found a higher calling – being an Avenger. He is a master pilot, skilled at acrobatics as his flight in different movies will show you. He is very adept at using firearms and retractable weapons and is good at combat tactics. However, his true specialty truly is flight and with the exoskeleton which gives him wings, he can do what he does best – be a hero.


13. War Machine

A colonel with the US army, Rhodes is to Iron Man what Wilson is to Captain America. Rhodes shares a special friendship with Tony Stark from the days of Stark’s weapons manufacturing. However, he eventually went on to wear one of Iron Man’s suits – which was modified to include a wide arsenal of weaponry. Earlier a part of the US army and then a part of the Avengers, the War Machine has superhuman strength and agility thanks to the design of the suit. While in armor, Rhodes can also fly. As for Rhodes himself, his career in the military has made him an excellent marksman, strategist, pilot and martial artist.


12. Winter Soldier

Known for his bionic arm that gives him super strength, Bucky is mostly a special ops member taken to the very limit of their powers. Infused with a replica of the super soldier serum that Captain has, Bucky has a stronger physiology and has faster reflexes than most. His speed and strength are above average and his skills include expert knife combat, expert martial arts, skilled marksmanship and he would probably be an expert at tactics and espionage as well due to the Russian training as a Winter Soldier.


11. Iron Man

Probably the most beloved member of the Avengers, Tony Stark is just as well-known for his heroics as he is for his smart quips. A master tactician, inventor, Stark is perhaps one of the smartest members of the team. Self-described as a genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, Stark brings a lot of cool techs that the Avengers use regularly. As for his own powers, he always has Iron Man suits at hand, a suit which gives him the ability to fly, fight with superhuman strength and speed, and over time Stark has only made his suits better so although they don’t carry guns overtly like War Machine, the suit has just as much of firepower and some other technologies that can be really handy in a battle.

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