Are Avery and Ash Still Together?

’90 Day Fiance’ is a popular series on TLC that promotes the idea that love transcends boundaries. The non-American members visit their partners on a K-1 visa and spend some time together. After that, they decide whether they want to go home or get married. Of all the couples on the show, many fans have been rooting for Avery Warner and Ash Naeck. They are both well-settled in their lives and are parents. However, Avery and Ash’s chemistry is also undeniable. Curious to find out if the two are still together? We have the latest news and updates here.

Ash and Avery’s 90 Day Fiance Journey:

Avery and Ash spent quite a bit of their 9-month relationship arguing. However, the latter decided to go to Australia to meet Ash in person. Avery wasn’t too taken in with Ash’s views on traditional gender roles, which he teaches as a relationship coach. The real struggle arrived when Avery saw how close Ash is to his son and ex-wife.

She realized it would be tough for Ash to leave his son and travel to America to be with Avery. Since she’s also a mother, Avery does not want to complicate Ash’s relationship with Taj, his boy. Although she expected to get engaged and cannot deny the passion they have for each other, Avery’s acknowledged that the situation is complicated.

That said, Taj and Ash seem to have had a great time with Avery. The relationship coach has posted a picture of them together, saying it was Taj’s best day.

Ash also appears to be protective of Avery, as is evident from a lengthy post that he has made. It is clear that he holds Avery in very high regard, and her visit to Australia might have been more fruitful than Avery believes.

Are Ash and Avery Still Together?

The real question is if they are still together. Ash has a private Instagram account as well, which is where he might share the latest developments of his relationship with Avery. Neither of their public accounts has very recent updates, as per the confidentiality guidelines laid down by TLC.

However, Ash has made a lengthy post about setting boundaries, which means he might be willing to try and have a relationship with Avery while also being with his son, Taj.

When asked in an Instagram Q&A session, whether they were still together, Avery replied that she couldn’t give exact details, but we should see what the internet has to say. Well, the internet seems to say that the two are together. Check out Avery’s picture with Ash below.

It seems that the couple will try to make their relationship work, but the distance is a hurdle they have to cross. Since they are both parents, they cannot shift easily and have to think of their children. Avery has admitted that she does not see a K-1 visa for Ash on the horizon. Naturally, it means that the relationship coach is not headed to the US to be with Avery immediately.

However, Ash’s emotional message on the last day he spent with Avery shows just how much he cares about her. Check it out here.

Ash and Avery don’t happen to follow each other on Instagram currently, which leads us to believe that the couple might be headed for a rocky future after all.

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