Meegan Gruber From Awake Surgery: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Gruber Plastic Surgery

‘Awake Surgery’ is a unique limited reality TV series on TLC that features reality TV star, host, and surgeon Dr. Meegan Gruber. The show revolves around Dr. Gruber conducting awake cosmetic surgeries for patients who do not qualify for general anesthesia. The series shows how Gruber conducts life-changing surgeries on patients while they are fully awake. She uses different methods devised by her for numbing, soothing, and healing them. Dr. Gruber can do any surgery, from those who only want facelifts to seem a bit younger to those who require more extensive procedures to lead regular lives.

In order to keep their loved ones informed, some patients make video calls to them, ask for mirrors to look in, and place takeout orders while remaining at the table. In the series, you can watch Dr. Gruber perform surgery on patients while awake, cutting, scraping, and laughing with them. But who is this talented doctor who conducts surgeries while cracking jokes and making her patients laugh? If you are curious to find out more about Dr. Meegan Gruber, here’s everything we know!

Dr. Meegan Gruber’s Age, Family and Early Life

Dr. Meegan Gruber is a 53-year-old certified Plastic Surgeon from Florida. She was born in Miami to the famous Shark Doctor Samuel (Sonny) Harvey Gruber and his beautiful wife, Marie. Sadly, her father passed away in 2019, leaving behind beautiful memories. She grew up in a loving family comprising her parents and her sister Aya, a lawyer by profession. The superbly talented doctor has quite the academic qualification. Gruber studied at the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned her bachelor’s degree with a double major in Molecular Biology and Ethnic Studies and a minor in Fine Art.

She continued working on sculpting, drawing, painting, and etching projects. Gruber discovered that the field of plastic surgery would enable her to combine her passion for medicine with her creative skill. She received her MD and Ph.D. in Medicine Immunology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Gruber then got her post-doctoral in Immunology from Standford University. Finally, she attended Washington University in St. Louis for the Plastic Surgery Residency Program.

Dr. Meegan Gruber’s Profession

Prior to opting to go back to Florida, Dr. Meegan Gruber worked as a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon for 12 years in Portland, Oregon. She has worked there with Providence Health & Services since 2008. She began her career as a plastic surgeon in Silverton, Oregon, at Silverton Health. For a brief period in 2016, she worked as a Medical Director at Athenix Body Sculpting Institute in Portland. Gruber has experience in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, although she has always preferred the aesthetic side of her work.

Gruber has dedicated her full attention to conducting aesthetic plastic surgery alone since joining Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery in early 2017. She has mastered the clinic’s unique Celebrity Arms technique and has honed her Ultra Complete High-Definition liposuction skills. Dr. Gruber is particularly well-known for her remarkable buttock contouring and augmentation, which she refers to as the “Gruber Booty.” Presently, the doctor works as a successful plastic surgeon at her company, Gruber Plastic Surgery, and stars in the show ‘Awake Surgery.’

Dr. Meegan Gruber’s Husband and Kids

From what we can tell, Dr. Meegan Gruber is a proud mother of a beautiful girl and likely a son whose pictures she frequently shares on her social media accounts. Dr. Gruber has a successful professional life, but her loving family is what she cares about the most. She loves her loved ones and does not shy away from sharing snippets of herself with them, wherein they are often seen spending quality time together and celebrating every little moment. They love dressing up for Halloween and going swimming.

However, she has kept the details of her romantic life away from the limelight. In her downtime, she loves to travel, spend time with her friends and family, and create crazy and artistic costumes. With Dr. Gruber now enjoying life with a successful career and getting the enormous opportunity to have her TV show, ‘Awake Surgery,’ we hope success never eludes this brilliant personality in the coming days.

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