Axel B: Glow Up Season 5 Runner-Up is a Rising Make-Up Star Today

Reconceptualizing beauty and style, BBC’s ‘Glow Up’ follows a number of makeup artists who compete in a set of challenges to gain the coveted title that sets the stage for their success in the beauty industry. The reality show features a streak of assessments set to test the accuracy and skills of the makeup artists. As contestants try to overcome their nerves and deliver on different counts, several intense situations follow. Axel B is one of the artists introduced in season 5. Having been declared the runner-up of the season, several opportunities lay ahead for the participant. Naturally, fans wonder what the reality star has been up to these days.

Axel B’s Glow Up Journey

Incorporating the unconventional and going beyond the norm, Axel consistently used makeup to define an innate sense of expression. Hailing from Dundee, Scotland, the television personality became one of the ten makeup artists who created landmark looks on the BBC reality show. Growing up, Axel’s parents, Janet and Ian, became a major influence on them. By encouraging their abilities, the young individual was able to go beyond the horizons and discover their passion. After an experiential time spent on trial and error, Axel was able to embody the interweaved persona of a “Scottish, Christian Drag Queen.”

Axel completed their education at HND Makeup Artistry HNC Digital Arts and later kickstarted their career. The Scottish native has been able to channel their passion for makeup with their beliefs. Throughout the season, several challenges tested Axel’s mastery of the craft. However, Axel was able to deliver not just an elevated aesthetic by makeup but also match that with a strong foundation and story. While their finesse and creativity appeared repeatedly, their ability to refine the basics of makeup made them stand apart. Even in the final hours of the competition, Axel remained unafraid to display their acumen.

Axel was able to impress some of the most remarkable heavyweights of the beauty industry using only limited assets and colors. Even in the season’s final task, Axel could define the intricacies of makeup calmly without losing any time. The masterclass also depicted Axel’s ability to work under pressure. The television personality used their knowledge of the foundation of color theory to present a result that was no short of a runway look. Alas, they were not able to score the top spot on the show. Nevertheless, Axel’s striking qualities and fluency with a brush led them to accrue wide attention on the show. Naturally, fans wonder what lies ahead for them.

Where is Axel B Now?

With a penchant for designing creatures and transformations, Axel was able to mold their creativity to different challenges throughout the show. Since making their exit from reality television, Axel has used their abilities to exponentiate their growth and success. The Drag Queen has since channeled their finesse with the brush to different projects. Most recently, Axel worked with Devolver Digitial and Deconstructeam to recreate an iconic character for their video game.

The makeup artist recreated Abrámar, a character from The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhod game starring Fortuna, a witch living in exile on an asteroid. Besides this, Axel also attended the National Reality TV Awards, where they represented the BBC show as a front-running contestant. Furthermore, they have also collaborated with BPerfect Cosmetics along with their fellow cast members Roo and Saphron.

While the television personality has maintained a low presence on social media, it is evident that they are working on expanding their portfolio as a makeup artist. When they are not working with clients and brands, Axel likes to create videos for their YouTube channel. The ever-evolving internet personality is thereby experimenting with a myriad of opportunities. Naturally, we await all the professional and personal milestones that lay ahead for them.

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