Where is the Renovation Island Couple Now?

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are familiar faces in Canada, so much so that the couple is often mobbed at airports by people who want a picture with them, or just shake their hands. HGTV Canada has plenty of DIY home renovation shows where Bryan takes care of the exterior work, while Sarah handles the interiors. However, among all the ambitious projects the Baeumlers have taken on, fixing the resort, as we see in ‘Renovation Island,’ takes the cake.

However, the resort is on South Andros Island in the Bahamas, and the Baeumler family is based out of Canada. Naturally, it raises the question of where they are at present. We’ve got all the latest details.

Where Are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Now?

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have four kids – Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, and Josephine Judith. Although Bryan and Sarah met in school, they did not start dating then. The two kept in touch and connected when they were cc’ed in on a mail by a mutual friend. Eventually, they married and started a life together -even appearing on shows.

However, their immense popularity in Canada meant that the couple had to move. They shifted to West Palm Beach in Florida. After that, the Baeumlers spent quite some time in the Bahamas. Of course, renovating the resort took time and money, which the couple dedicated to the project. It received rave reviews upon opening, and reports began to suggest that Andros might be the island to escape to, in 2020. However, the travel restrictions started in March, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bryan and Sarah got the few remaining guests off the island, but they decided to ride out the pandemic there. Sarah spoke about the time to The Sun-Sentinel, saying, “The Bahamas was very quick to shut down – and thankfully because there are no cases [of Covid-19] here on Andros. But it has quite a few limitations because there’s no boats, there’s no planes. What the island has is what we have in terms of food and medical supplies.”

As concerned parents, the Baeumlers didn’t want to go back to Florida, hearing how the state was handling the crisis. At the time, the family decided to spend time on the island homeschooling the kids, taking long walks on the beach, and maintaining the resort. Bryan’s said, “If the world goes fully crazy, this is where I’d want to be.” You can check out a picture of Sarah relaxing at the resort – far from the worries of a pandemic-stricken world.

Despite their desire to remain in the Bahamas, it appears the Baeumlers, or at least Sarah, has returned to Canada and is currently quarantined. It is quite evident from the post she’s put up a day ago.

As you can see, the trees don’t look like what one would see on an island in the Bahamas. Moreover, Sarah’s spoken about her quarantine walk, and in the comments, one can see she’s made plans to meet her peers once her quarantine period is over. Thus, it is likely that she’s gone back to Canada, and is currently spending the government-mandated quarantine period. We leave you with a picture of the family in the Bahamas.


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