Barry Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Barry Is Forced to Hide

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HBO’s ‘Barry‘ season 4 takes a new turn in episode 4, as Barry is forced to go into hiding after escaping from prison. Barry’s past is catching up to him in the form of Jim Moss, whose daughter the former hitman killed to protect his identity all the way back in season 1. Meanwhile, Jim Moss leads a frantic search for Barry while Cousineau becomes paranoid. Shocking decisions and deaths follow as the episode ends with Barry finding himself equally close to getting a happy ending or being recaptured. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Barry Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘It Takes a Psycho,’ opens with the prison guards beating up Monroe Fuches after he tries to report the hit on Barry’s life. Fuches is questioned about Barry’s location after the latter uses the situation to escape from prison after killing the assassins sent to kill him. However, Fuches is unaware of Barry’s plan. Warden Reynolds continues assaulting Fuches. Elsewhere, Tom drops off Gene Cousineau at a mountain cabin to isolate him and prevent any further interaction with the media. The police arrive at Cousineau’s house searching for Barry but run into Jim Moss.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Jim questions the police about Barry’s whereabouts, but they do not have an answer. Jim reveals that he placed Cousineau in isolation to save him from Barry. The police officer explains that they are tracking all of Barry’s known associates, including Sally and NoHo Hank, to catch him. However, Jim refuses to spare Barry’s life if he finds the former hitman first. Meanwhile, Hank learns of Barry’s escape from prison following the failed assassination attempt. Later, Hank and Cristobal give their business partner a small party. Sally works with her acting student, Kristen, on a film set as the latter is shooting for a film titled ‘Mega Girls.’

On the set, Sally meets ‘CODA’-fame director Sian Heder. Sally also meets Mark, Kristen’s agent. When Kristen fails to perform an emotional scene, Sally delivers a stunning performance, hoping to swoop the role but fails. Cousineau receives a phone call from Tom and learns of Barry’s escape from prison. Cousineau grows paranoid as he is left alone and starts sleeping with a gun. During the party, Hank takes his business partners to a sand pool and uses it to kill everyone. However, Cristobal gets caught up in the ploy and almost dies. However, Hank arrives on time and saves Cristobal.

Cristobal learns that Hank murdered their business partners on orders from the Chechen elders. At night, Cousineau is startled by a noise and accidentally kills his son, believing him to be Barry. Meanwhile, Mark offers to help Sally get new roles and restructure her acting career. Sally learns from Kristen that Barry has escaped from prison while the police up their efforts to search for him. Hank has dinner with the Chechen elder, who gives him control over Los Angeles and offers his army to help Hank. Later, Cristobal breaks up with Hank and tries to walk away from the criminal lifestyle. As a result, Hank is forced to have Cristobal killed.

Barry Season 4 Episode 4 Ending: Where Does Barry Go?

In the episode, the news of Barry’s escape from prison reaches several characters, who each react differently. On the other hand, Barry could head to Cousineau and seek revenge for his arrest, meet Hank and settle their old score, or try to meet Sally and mend their relationship. Jim Moss is aware of Barry’s options and is staking out near Sally’s house. However, he fails to catch Barry as the former hitman is already inside the house. In the episode’s final moments, Sally returns home to find Barry waiting for him.

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Before Barry can offer any explanation, Sally asks Barry to elope with her. In the final scene, the story jumps a few years forward, and we see a young boy get into a scuffle with his neighbor in a small town. The boy is revealed to be Sally and Barry’s son. The episode’s shocking conclusion implies that Barry made the right choice by choosing his love over revenge. As a result, Barry seemingly gets a happy ending and gets to live out the rest of his days with Sally and their son.

Moreover, it seems like years have passed, and Barry has eradicated the shadows of his crimes from his life. On the other hand, Sally, who had grown weary of the shallow and competitive life as an actress in Los Angeles, chooses to elope with Barry and live a quiet family life. Ultimately, Barry and Sally mend their differences and embark on a new adventure – parenting. However, given their son’s rebellious nature, the two seem to have their work cut out.

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