Beat Shazam Renewed For Season 8 at Fox

Fox is not done testing your music knowledge! The network has renewed the game show ‘Beat Shazam‘ for its eighth season. Even though the renewal has not been officially announced, the auditions for the 2025 edition are currently underway, promising more episodes of the series. Created by Jeff Apploff and Wes Kauble, the show is hosted by Jamie Foxx, accompanied by his daughter Corinne Foxx, who assumes the role of the DJ.

So far in the seventh season, which premiered on May 28, 2024, we have seen teams of sorority sisters, roommates, and friends fiercely competing to take home the prize. Teams of teachers and fathers, with their children, battled it out for the coveted million-dollar prize. As the season progresses, viewers can expect even more intense and thrilling competitions, with new teams bringing fresh dynamics and strategies to the game.

In the sixth installment, the hosting duties of the acclaimed show were handled by Nick Cannon, replacing Jamie Foxx, who was recuperating from illness at the time. Cannon, while acknowledging Foxx’s legacy of five seasons, vowed to uphold the show’s traditions. While Corinne was absent, reportedly spending time with her father, Kelly Osbourne filled in as the guest DJ.

Foxx and Corinne returned to the show in the seventh season premiere. “We are going to have the greatest season yet. I love being on this stage. I feel like LeBron James in this… He may be King James on the court, but I’m King Jamie in here!” the Academy Award-winning actor said after his return. “I am so proud of this show and just know that families at home are going to love some of the amazing themed episodes that include teams of fathers, siblings, teachers, heroes, and mothers,” Corinne shared in a statement about coming back to the show.

Over the show’s history, only five teams have managed to outwit Shazam and seize the $1 million jackpot. The sixth season saw two standout victories: brothers James and Justin Kendall triumphed in the third episode, titled ‘Sibling Smackdown,’ while Beth Wellman and Lauren Jones Kenny claimed the grand prize in the finale, dubbed ‘Battle of the Ages.’

Keep an eye out for further updates as we are currently midway through season 7, eagerly anticipating what surprises season 8 holds in store with the potential return of the beloved father-daughter duo.

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