Beauty Soundtrack: Where to Listen Its Songs?

Netflix’s ‘Beauty’ follows the story of a young singer, named Beauty, who is ready to make her mark on the world. She has a contract on the table from a prestigious record label. She can’t wait to sign it and begin the life she always wanted. But before she gets a taste of success, she has to brave some personal challenges. While her parents fight over whether or not it’d be wise to send her out into the world alone, she is also forced to reconsider her relationship with Jasmine. Trying to balance her family, her girlfriend, and the promise of a bright career, Beauty has a lot of things on her plate.

While the story in itself is very gripping, we are also captivated by the music, which is an integral part of the film. If you are looking for all the tracks that feature in ‘Beauty’ in one place, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Listen to Beauty Soundtrack?

The soundtrack of ‘Beauty’ presents a wonderful collection of songs that set a distinct mood for each scene. It has tracks from some of the most celebrated black artists, like Rosetta Tharpe, Ella Fitzgerald, and Patti LaBelle.

Gospel songs are an important part of the film. They represent the faith of the characters, which is important because it sets their perceptions, drawing a line between what’s considered good and bad. The gospel songs either play loudly in the background or are performed in the church. Their presence gives a divine feel to the story. Here are all the gospel songs that play in the film.

I’ll Make It by Dorothy Love Coates (listen here)
Come on Children Let’s Sing by Mahalia Jackson (listen here)
I Know I’ve Been Changed by LaShun Pace (listen here)
Jesus Is A Love Song by The Clark Sister (listen here)
When I Rose This Morning (listen here)
Last Mile of the Way by Rosetta Tharpe (listen here)

The film also mixes a lot of soul, jazz, R&B, and hip hop to alternate the mood of the story. Two songs by Klein are featured in the film: B2K (listen here) and Farewell Sorry (listen here). Because the story follows a black artist’s journey, the film also has a couple of songs revamped by them, which becomes an inspiration for Beauty to give her own twist to the songs that are not hers. In one scene, she is asked to sing Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland (listen here), but she doesn’t feel like it is her kind of song. However, she still has to sing it, so she looks for other singers with whom she feels closer in her genre of singing. This is when the song’s Patty LaBelle version plays (listen here). We also get to hear Aram Mandossian Stage Band’s (listen here) version of the song. The film has Gladys Knight’s version of Jim Weatherly’s Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me (listen here) as well.

Here are the rest of the songs that feature in ‘Beauty’:

Come on Home (I Need Your Love) by The Oasis (listen here)
One Note Samba by Ella Fitzgerald (listen here)
I Feel Love by Donna Summer (listen here)
Automatic Introductions by Stevie Cameo (listen here)
Tender Love by The Force MDs (listen here)
Move to The Groove by Disco Four (listen here)
I’m In Love by Evelyn “Champagne” King (listen here)
Thumping Tennis Shoe Blues by Target (listen here)
Get Down by Gene Chandler (listen here)
Sudden Inspiration by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (listen here)
There’ll Come A Time by Betty Everett (listen here)

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