Below Deck Season 1: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

Sailing through the oceanic blues, Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ chronicles the lives of crew members aboard a mega yacht as they reside and work on the vessel during the charter season. The reality television show was launched in 2013 and has juxtaposed the thrill of sailing with the drama of its crew. As the Chief Stew, Captain, Deckhands, and Chef try to navigate the interpersonal conflicts of their workplace, several chaotic themes follow. Years since the debut season came on air, fans have been curious to find out the whereabouts of the original cast members. So, if you also want to know the whereabouts of the reality stars, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Lee Rosbach is Navigating Life Beyond Reality TV

At 73, Captain Lee Rosbach has led his crew on sails for more than three decades. The television personality was once a Wendy’s manager. His first encounter with the ocean came in his mid-30s when he and his wife, Mary Anne, moved to Turks & Caicos to run a restaurant. At 35, Lee obtained his Captain’s license and has since never looked back. Commonly referred to as the “Stud of the Sea,” he has been in the business for more than four decades. However, after leading his crew for ten seasons, Captain Lee bid his final farewell to the Bravo reality show.

During season 10 of ‘Below Deck,’ fans witnessed Lee’s worsening health conditions, leading to him temporarily sitting out. The reality TV star has been facing mobility issues that have led to high pain levels. Ultimately, the network didn’t invite the boat captain back for season 11. Many have speculated that Lee’s exit from the show came after he conflicted with Captain Sandy Yawn in season 10. Yet, these rumors stand unconfirmed. Nevertheless, Lee Rosbach has now teamed up with Kate Chastain, hosting Bravo’s new series, ‘Couch Talk with Captain Lee and Kate.’

The revered Captain and former chief stew break down the biggest Bravo TV moments of the week on their new show. On the personal front, Lee continues to enjoy life with his family and loved ones. After losing his son, Joshua, at 42, to an opioid addiction in 2019, he has become extensively vocal about rehabilitation for people struggling with addiction. Despite sustaining such an incredible loss, the family continues to honor Joshua’s memory through donations and giving testimony in front of Congress.

Aleks Taldykin is Leading in Yacht Management

Originally picked up by the production house to enact the role of Captain on the yacht, Aleks was ultimately replaced by Captain Lee Rosbach after the yacht owner expressed his discomfort with him taking over the reins. Eventually, he became the Captain’s next-in-command but didn’t return to the series after season 1.

Since his exit from the show, Aleks has maintained his love for the ocean and is currently the CEO of Elite Yacht Management, a company servicing yachts from the Pacific to the Atlantic. He is also a Yacht Broker specializing in selling large motor yachts in California. In 2016, Aleks had also appeared on ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ At 33, the television personality enjoys life with his wife and family.

Ben Robinson is Engaging in Culinary Ventures and Content Creation

With several credentials, including an apprenticeship at Chef Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant, The Fat Duck, Ben brought his intersectional knowledge of restaurant and catering to ‘Below Deck.’ However, the reality TV star ultimately left the show after season 2. Ben later appeared on ‘Below Deck: Mediterranean’ and ‘Below Deck: Galley Talk.’ Surprisingly, the certified health coach was briefly speculated to be the father of Chief Stew Kate Chastain’s baby. However, both have time and again denounced trolls for such rumors.

On the personal front, the 42-year-old is engaged to Kiara Cabral. After nearly four years of dating, the television personality went down on his knee at the Vatican to profess his love. When Ben isn’t enjoying his time with friends and family, he’s engaged in several other commitments. Furthermore, he is a TikTok and Cameo creator who sells his personal merchandise brand and offers several services through online channels.

Adrienne Gang is Expanding Her Culinary Expertise

Despite her short-lived stint on ‘Below Deck,’ Adrienne quickly became a fan-favorite for dealing with a difficult crew. The 39-year-old Chief Stew has found herself busy with other endeavors. Apart from freelancing as a stew on different boats, she has also returned to her job as a Chef. Before taking up the role in reality television, Adrienne had been a professional chef for eight years.

The television personality is now working at the Culinary Vegetable Institute and Chef’s Garden, honing her skills and expanding her work portfolio. On the family front, Adrienne is married to Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Banks. The couple tied the knot in 2018 in a beachfront ceremony and have enjoyed marital bliss ever since. Sadly, they faced a substantial loss in 2021 after they miscarried their baby. Nevertheless, Adrienne and Andrew remain unfazed by these struggles and enjoy their life with their dog, Buddy. In addition, she hosts the ‘Gangplant Report’ podcast.

C.J. LeBeau is Actively Working in Marketing

Disembarking from the yacht just before the crew could take its final charter, C.J. Beau quickly became disinterested in the activities onboard and eventually left the boat behind. Since then, he has not reappeared in the series and has maintained a profile outside the media. Shortly after the season ended, C.J. was taken into police custody in Phoenix, Arizona, for allegedly getting in a physical altercation with his then-fiance.

Image Credit: C.J. LeBeau/LinkedIn

The television personality was reportedly charged with intentional assault and defacing property. It was also reported that C.J. allegedly broke his fiance’s cell phone during the fight. Later, he became the Sales Director for Direct Source Distributing, a marketing company based in San Diego. On the personal front, C.J. has maintained privacy and doesn’t disclose his private information.

Kat Held is Pursuing Nursing and Bartending

Despite repeatedly knocking heads with the Chief Stew, Kat quickly became a fan-favorite for her famous phrases. However, she ended up leaving the show after season 2. Since then, Kat has been pursuing different opportunities. The 39-year-old worked as a waitress before eventually returning to nursing school in 2017. Kat also worked as a Bartender in Las Vegas and currently likes to keep her personal and professional details under wraps. Moreover, the television personality attended ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with her ‘Below Deck’ costars in 2020.

Samantha Orme is Building a New Life and Career

While Samantha’s time was full of ups and downs on the yacht, the television personality decided she wanted more in life and not just work at a mega yacht. Shortly after exiting the show, she met Bradley Ulmer, a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot, and the two hit it off. The couple decided to tie the knot a few months into dating.

Subsequently, the duo welcomed their daughters, Blake and Molly. On the professional front, 36-year-old Samantha has accrued equal success. The television personality was the Vice President of a Solar Energy Firm before she returned to study Industrial Engineering. She is currently working as the Enterprise Program Manager for Fidelity National Information Services.

Eddie Lucas is Commanding the Harbor

After appearing as the Deckhand in season 1, Eddie ultimately became a Bosun and the First Officer on the Bravo series. Yet, after eight seasons, he decided to leave the franchise entirely. Eddie is now the Captain of a harbor tug boat in the Baltimore Harbor. The homeowner had revealed in an interview with The New York Post that he gets paid the lowest amount compared to other shows on Bravo.

It is also speculated that Eddie’s arguments with Rayna Lindsey over alleged homophobic comments could have been the reason for his departure from the show. Nevertheless, these speculations have not been entertained by the television personality. Instead, the 38-year-old has left behind the reality television life and now focuses on chartering to the Caribbean and experiencing the best of the ocean life with his dog named Bert, as well as friends and loved ones.

David Bradberry is Pursuing Acting Opportunities

Sailing through the season without any conflict, David’s endearing demeanor won countless viewers during the show. Regardless, the reality TV star ultimately left the series following his appearance in season 1. Since then, David has explored a path in entertainment and starred in works like, ‘Confessions,’ ‘The Last Straight Man,’ ‘Fiendish Things,’ and ‘The Men Next Door.’ On the personal front, the 37-year-old is no longer with his boyfriend featured in ‘Below Deck.’ The television personality has since kept his dating life under wraps and loves to maintain a private profile.

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