Below Deck’s Tony Duarte: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Tony Duarte/Instagram

Bravo TV’s ‘Below Deck‘ takes us into the lives of crew members working aboard a luxury yacht during charter season. While the crew goes about their everyday lives, balancing personal and professional commitments, they often find themselves going out of the way to appease demanding guests. Besides, ‘Below Deck’ intersperses its narrative with shocking drama, steamy “boatmances,” and unlikely friendships, which makes for exciting television.

Luis Antonio Duarte, aka Tony Duarte, managed to win fans over with his cheerful and outgoing personality on ‘Below Deck’ season 10. Besides, Tony has had an illustrious career on the water, and his work has taken him to all corners of the globe. Hence, fans are quite curious to know more about such an interesting deckhand, and we come bearing answers!

Tony Duarte’s Age, Ethnicity, and Background

Unfortunately, Tony has yet to disclose his age, although we know he celebrates his birthday in November every year and is likely in his late 20s. A native of Costa Rica, Tony discovered his passion for outdoor life and adventure sports at a very early age, which pushed him towards an active and interesting career. Moreover, Tony shares a wonderful bond with his loved ones, and it seems like his parents were the ones who encouraged him and pushed him toward chasing his dreams.

Tony describes himself as someone who has a passion for travel and is unable to stay in one place for too long. Besides, he enjoys activities that push him out of his comfort zone and exclaimed that being on ‘Below Deck’ was one of his “craziest” experiences. Additionally, apart from living outdoors and basing his career around his love for nature, Tony is always on the lookout for adrenaline-filled activities and enjoys surfing, cliff jumping, skateboarding, and even fishing. In fact, his nomadic and active lifestyle gave him an immense advantage when it came to joining the yachting industry.

Tony Duarte’s Profession

Tony has enjoyed an incredible professional life to date, and his work has taken him to several exotic locations around the world. Being a traveling enthusiast, Tony dislikes staying in a single place for a long, and his work history complements that perfectly. According to sources, Tony enjoyed a successful career as a dive master in South Africa and has worked as a Whale-Watching guide in his home country of Costa Rica.

Additionally, Tony found work as a zip-liner while staying in the Bahamas and was confident that his professional background would help him excel as a deckhand. However, viewers will be interested to know that working as a deckhand onboard the superyacht St. David was Tony’s first experience of a charted voyage. Yet, from the looks of it, Tony has had plenty of sailing experience from working on smaller boats and was soon able to become an indispensable crew member.

Is Tony Duarte Dating Anyone?

Tony prefers to keep his dating life under wraps, although he often shares pictures and updates from his breathtaking travels on social media. Moreover, he seems to be happy with his nomadic lifestyle and spends some of his best moments in the lap of nature. Nevertheless, in all his social media posts, the absence of a romantic someone is quite evident, and with Tony never addressing the situation and there being reports on the same, we believe that he is currently single.

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