Prediction: Are Bennett and Amelia Still Together?

Dating reality shows have changed a lot in recent years, shifting from group dates to one on one dates to having experts come in and be involved, we’ve seen it all. But, the most interesting and out of the box concept of any of those remains to be that of ‘Married at First Sight.’ As the name suggests, it follows complete strangers getting married on their very first meeting itself, that is, after they have been carefully paired together by a few relationship experts. They go on their honeymoon and spend a few weeks together before they make their final decision about whether or not they want to stay together or get divorced.

It’s scintillating, yes, but it is also squirm-worthy because of the amount of awkwardness, failed flirtations, and, sometimes, baseless dramas that get shoved into the overly dramatic relationships on camera. The latest season, season 11, is, of course, no different. One of the pairs who were featured in the experiment, and therefore, in the drama were Bennett and Amelia. Let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Bennett and Amelia: Married at First Sight Journey

Even though he is just 28, Bennett has been seeking for his life partner for years, and although he has had a string of bad luck when it comes to actually being in relationships, he is happily taking the risk of entering into the experiment because of all its success stories. Amelia, on the other hand, has this notion of “you can fall in love with anyone-ish” and because she loved the social experiment aspect of it, she participated. She thought, if nothing else, it would be a weird yet amazing experience. So, the experts combined this eccentric pair together with the hopes that they would surprise everyone.

Being just a year younger than Bennett, Amelia is currently doing her medical residency and has made clear that she wants someone who can look after themselves and is flexible with her while she finishes it. She also stated that her partner should be okay with moving around because of her career. That’s where problems can arise between the couple. Although Bennett is open to moving, his creative career as an artistic director at a theater company restricts his financial situation.

To make ends meet he has to take on multiple jobs, so how that would work, if and when the couple decides to stay together and move, is hard to answer. Plus, the fact that Bennett also resides in a small home, one that lacks a kitchen as well as a bathroom, may cause friction. Dr. Pepper claimed that Amelia doesn’t care as much about marital things, but not having a bathroom seems like a pretty big deal. But, we assume that they know better and that Amelia’s thinking is similar to that of Bennett’s.

Are Bennett and Amelia Still Together?

Unconventional couples have worked out in the past, so we hope that Bennett and Amelia are like them and not a train wreck waiting to happen, like we think they can be. But, unfortunately, we can’t say anything for sure. Lifetime, the experts, and the contestants themselves have been incredibly quiet about what goes on in this season, so much so, that to avoid any possible spoilers, the contestants haven’t even made their social media accounts public.

But, as Amelia is someone who spends her free time playing in a one-woman band or walking a slack line in a public park, the experts seemed to think that she’d match perfectly with the artistic Bennett. “She’s just Amelia and he is just Bennett,” Dr. Pepper had said while talking about pairing them. “I think they will find each other attractive, whimsical, lovable, [and] stay together forever.” We just hope that she is right and that the couple can prove us wrong.

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