18 Best Action Anime on Netflix (May 2024)

Netflix has invested generously in expanding its anime catalog over the years. The streaming giant has added some famous names and has also focused on giving viewers a wide variety of anime from different genres. Probably one of the most influential and loved shows are those that come under the action category. Netflix has some really good action anime, so we have compiled a list for fans of the genre who are probably looking for such a series on the platform. You can follow the link at the end of each recommendation to watch the show.

18. Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf (2024- )

A murder, a detective, and a bounty of three million yen are what Juso Fujimaki has to keep his mind away from. And the only way he knows how is martial arts. He soon finds himself participating in Kodoku, a contest determining the world’s greatest martial art. Faced with personal demons and fierce beats of opponents, Fujimaki puts his Takemiya-ryuu (a hybrid of jiu-jitsu, Aikido, and karate) skills to the test. Based on Baku Yumemakura’s popular martial arts novel series ‘Garōden,’ ‘Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf’ is a true-to-form martial arts anime underscored by blood, gore, and sexual violence. You can stream it here.

17. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022)

Created by Mike Pondsmith and Rafał Jaki, ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ is a fantasy action anime that is inspired by the popular video game Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red. The show is set in the fictional self-reliant metropolis of Night City that is riddled with crime and corruption. Divided into several districts, the notorious city is run by megacorporations that choose profit over anything. David is an impulsive street kid who lives in the most industrial but poor district known as Domingo. His life is riddled with challenges and takes a dramatic turn when a drive-by shooting takes away everything that he deems meaningful in his life. The event then turns him towards the wrong side of the law, and David ends up becoming a black-market mercenary. You can watch the action-packed anime here.

16. Onimusha (2023)

Based on the popular eponymous video game franchise by Capcom, ‘Onimusha’ is directed by Takashi Miike and Shinya Sugai. The anime mini-series is set during the Edo period and centers on Miyamoto Musashi, considered Japan’s greatest swordsman, who teams up with a brotherhood of samurai and sets off on a quest to stop a guy named Iemon who is terrorizing a nearby village. Musashi has on him the powerful Oni Gauntlet that allows him to overpower supernatural entities and kill them, after which their souls are sucked in by the gauntlet. However, it takes a toll on him as his dark side grows every time a soul is sucked in. Miyamoto Musashi’s character is modeled after Japanese actor/icon Toshiro Mifune (‘Seven Samurai’ and ‘Throne of Blood’ by Akira Kurosawa). You can watch ‘Onimusha’ here.

15. Blue Eye Samurai (2023)

Written by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi, ‘Blue Eye Samurai‘ is an adult animated action series that recounts a story of revenge, pain, and self-discovery. The anime follows the mixed-race swordmaster Mizu, who was born in Japan during the Edo period when the country fully embraced a radical isolationist policy. At such a time, being a Japanese with a mixed heritage was no less than a curse in a society that was rigidly homogenous. ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ follows Mizu as she embarks on a dangerous quest for vengeance against the four white men whom she blames for taking her mother away and making her a monster. Along the way, she faces many challenges and finds fellow comrades who teach her many valuable life lessons. As you may have guessed, the show is filled with heartstopping action and drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. You can watch the show here.

14. Baki (2018 – 2020)

Baki Hanma has always wanted to become the most muscular man in the world, so after he wins a brutal underground tournament, he sets out to challenge his own father to achieve his lifelong dream. But before he can do that, he learns that a group of terrifying death row inmates from around the world have managed to escape prison and are all set to visit Tokyo. Trained in martial arts, these criminals want to challenge the best, so Baki is warned that they will definitely come after him. ‘Baki’ focuses on the action-packed drama that unfolds in the wake of these events as dangerous underground and esteemed Japanese martial artists come face-to-face. The anime is accessible for streaming here.

13. Castlevania (2017 – 2021)

After vampire Vlad Dracula Țepeș falls in love with a human, he ends up getting married to her and goes through a dramatic change in his personality. The future seems bright for the unlikely duo, but Dracula’s wife is burned at the stake and murdered brutally by the citizens of Wallachia after she is accused of witchcraft. When Țepeș learns that the love of his life was tortured and killed so horribly in his absence, he vows to exact revenge. In order to bring down Wallachia and make the world suffer, he unleashes an army of demons. As chaos ensues, the eccentric trio of Dracula’s dhampir son Alucard, monster-hunter Trevor Belmont, and magician Sypha embark on a quest to stop Vlad. The dark fantasy series features some exciting action scenes. In case you wish to watch it, then you can find all the episodes here.

12. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014 – 2021)

The legendary knights, a.k.a the Seven Deadly Sins, betray the Kingdom of Brittania in an attempt to overthrow the rulers and establish a new government. But they are defeated by Holy Knights, who eventually become the tyrannical rulers of the Kingdom of Liones after staging a coup d’état. In an attempt to restore order and seek justice, Princess Elizabeth sets out to find the Seven Deadly Sins, who are rumored to be still alive. The popular Shounen series has countless action-packed confrontations and battles that you will surely enjoy. All the episodes are accessible for streaming here.

11. Devilman: Crybaby (2018)

In the ‘Devilman: Crybaby’ universe, devils exist but need a host to take form. However, if they choose a person who has a strong enough will, that individual can become a Devilman by overcoming the demon. This is precisely what happens with Akira Fudou, who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he sees his childhood friend in distress, he becomes a Devilman by merging with the devil Amon and acquiring its immense powers. But this decision turns his life around in ways he could not have imagined. ‘Devilman: Crybaby’ follows Fudou as he defends humanity while coming to terms with his newfound powers. The show is available for streaming here.

10. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019)

Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written by Koyoharu Gotouge, ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ is a dark fantasy anime that recounts a story of revenge and self-discovery. The show follows Tanjirou Kamado, a hardworking teenager who returns one morning to find his family members brutally butchered by a demon. The only survivor is his sister Nezuko, who has now turned into a demon. Going against the prevailing wisdom, Tanjirou vows to exact revenge on the demon responsible for turning innocent humans into demons and joins the Demon Slayer Corps. ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ follows Tanjirou’s emotionally moving journey as he courageously faces all the hurdles in his path to turn his sister back into a human being again. The dark fantasy show features some of the best animated fight scenes you will ever watch. If you plan to stream the anime, you can find all the episodes here.

9. Naruto (2002 – 2007)

When the Nine-Tailed Fox attacks the Hidden Leaf Village, the Fourth Hokage manages to put an end to his rampage by sealing the terrifying monster inside the newborn Naruto- while he loses his life in the process. The titular protagonist continues to live in Konohagakure for years afterward and faces a lot of discrimination as people fear the monstrous beast inside him. However, ignoring all the negativity, Naruto is determined to earn respect by becoming the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. The Shounen series revolves around his misadventures as he finds friends along his journey while also learning valuable lessons from his foes. If you are looking for a great show with a lot of fight scenes and a meaningful premise, then ‘Naruto’ might be the right show for you. You can watch the anime here.

8. Hunter x Hunter (2011 – 2014)

Hunters are talented and influential individuals who use their immense powers to explore the world’s uncharted territories, fight dangerous monsters, discover rare items, and uncover dark mysteries. But the path to becoming one is quite risky as the candidates have to clear the high-risk Hunter Examination, in which even death is quite common. Despite the risks, 12-year-old Gon Freecss decides to take the exam as he wants to get his Hunter license so that he can finally look for his father, Ging. During the examination, Gon meets and becomes friends with Leorio Paladiknight, Killua, and Kurapika, all of whom have strong reasons to be there. ‘Hunter x Hunter’ revolves around the friendship and life-changing journey of these four characters who find purpose and achieve their dreams by competing against one other and other powerful candidates. The series is accessible for streaming here.

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995 – 1996)

As humanity faces an existential threat posed by the monstrous celestial beings known as Angels, their only hope for fighting back is the mysterious organization known as NERV. When the Angels invade Tokyo-3, a teenager named Shinji is entrusted with the responsibility of piloting Evangelion Unit-01 because of his unique skillset. However, there are other dark reasons for his inclusion on the team, and as the story unfolds, Shinji comes to terms with the personal traumas that have followed him his whole life. ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ is a unique show that explores deep philosophical themes. If you feel that the premise sounds interesting, then you can watch the anime here.

6. One Piece (1999 -)

Monkey D. Luffy is an ambitious pirate who is looking for the elusive titular treasure so that he can earn the title of King of the Pirates. Although many like him have attempted to do the same and have perished in the process, Monkey, with his unique group of companions, refuses to let any setback dictate his life choices as he courageously follows the arduous path he has chosen for himself. ‘One Piece’ is, without a doubt, one of the greatest anime ever made. The show features several iconic fight scenes that will make you sit on the edge of your seats. You can find all the episodes here.

5. Yasuke (2021)

‘Yasuke’ recounts the story of the first African samurai. After fighting in some dangerous battles, legendary Ronin, known as the “Black Samurai,” chooses a peaceful life away from violence and war by becoming a recluse boatman instead. When he meets a sickly girl named Saki and tries to get her the best medical help he can, he is unknowingly pushed on a path where Yasuke has to resort to violence one more time to defend himself and the innocent girl. The drama that unfolds has twists at every turn, and it goes without saying that there are a lot of action-packed moments. In case you wish to watch the series, then you can find all the episodes here.

4. Kengan Ashura (2019 -)

Yabako Sandrovich’s Kengan Ashura takes viewers to a unique world where disputes between merchants and businessmen are settled through gladiator battles. Ouma Tokita, famously known as the Ashura, is desperate to become the strongest and leave his mark on the world. Recognizing his talent and hunger, Hideki Nogi hires him to fight for the Nobi group. As he represents the shrewd businessman, Ouma now acknowledges that he has finally found the once-in-a-lifetime chance to achieve his elusive goal. But does he have the talent for it? If you want to find out how the story unfolds, you can watch ‘Kengan Ashura’ here.

3. Sirius the Jaeger (2018)

Jaegers are a group of vampire hunters who are tasked to follow the vampires who are fleeing to Japan from China. Among the Jaegers is a man named Yuliy, who comes from the Sirius royal family. Interestingly, his people are blessed by god with an ancient holy relic known as The Ark of Sirius that is powerful enough to exert power over all things. At the present time, it is sealed away in an undisclosed location. However, the competition for its possession leads to a dangerous battle between Jaegers and the vampires. The winner is destined to change the fate of the world. If you wish to learn how the story unfolds, then you can watch the anime here.

2. Dorohedoro (2020)

‘Dorohedoro’ is an action-comedy anime that recounts a story of revenge and retribution. The show follows the amnesiac protagonist, Caiman, who is desperately looking for the sorcerer who took away all his memories and left him in his present state. With the help of his friend Nikaido, Caiman is hopeful of finding and killing his curser so that he can finally dispel the curse on him and live everyday life. But as he explores the dark world for answers, he realizes that his mission is not as easy as he had imagined. The anime is accessible for streaming here.

1. Shaman King (2021 -)

Shamans are extraordinary and powerful beings who possess immense powers that are beyond the imagination of an ordinary human. Most of them aspire to become the Shaman King by participating in the prestigious Shaman Fight tournament that pits their own kind against each other. The winner gets the chance to shape the world as he sees fit by summoning the Great Spirit and changing everything for the next five centuries. ‘Shaman King’ follows the young and ambitious You Asakura, who aspires to achieve the elusive title of becoming the strongest. Anime fans who are curious about the show can watch it here.

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