4 Best Biker Movies/Series on Netflix Right Now

Hollywood has produced some great biker movies over the years. Some of those are about outlaw bikers who are completely rebellious towards the law and stand up for each other as gangs of brotherhood, like ‘Wild Hogs’ starring John Travolta. Then there are others that are all about solo adventures of a rider who rides across countries and experiences something he/she has never felt before. ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ is one such movie that shows the journey of Che Guevara who went on a road trip with his friend across South America. That trip entirely changes him and it made him the man he’d later become.

There are also several documentaries that are about real life bikers who compete in the Moto GP or asbadass Freestyle Motorcross stuntmen. When you yourself are a hardcore biker, it does not matter which one of these you watch. Anything that’s even remotely related to biking would be enough to get you all fired up to take your beast out for a ride on a long, long stretch of a lonely road.

Now the world of television has really been fair to the theme of motorcycles in the last couple of years and has given us some great shows like Sons of Anarchy and American Chopper. But when it comes to full-length feature films, we don’t really find too many movies around the topic. Even on Netflix, there aren’t too many movies that revolve around the lives of bikers, but recently, that has changed a little and a few good motorcycle movies are available on the popular streaming website. With all that said now, here’s the list of really good biker movies and shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

4. Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motorcross Stuntmen (2016)

The movie is narrated by Academy Award-nominee Josh Brolin, who tells the story behind the origin of Freestyle Motorcross and how it is becoming a global sports phenomenon. The film is must watch for all the bikers out there who are even distantly interested in the extreme sport of Motorcross. The film not only talks about the history of the sport but adds a deeper emotional touch to the storyline by featuring interviews of some of the great names like Metzger, Deegan, Pastrana, Hart, and Seth, known globally in the sport. It gives us an insight into all the hard work, risk, sacrifice and commitment that every professional has made.

After you watch this, you’ll be amazed when you think how the whole sport of Freestyle Motorcross has evolved over the years to become what it is today. What seemed like a very risky sport back in the day – even X-Games had second thoughts about it – has now become a motivational story about people who went way beyond what normal bikers would dream of. The film not only shows interviews of the bikers but also their families and loved ones. It shows what exactly do their family members think when these men are out there risking their lives for a sport they love so much. All of this adds a human touch to the documentary-like film. A must watch for all the bikers who will surely not just watch this once but will keep finding their way back to this amazing motivational documentary film.

3. Burnout (2018)

This European action-packed film is about a passionate biker named Tony. Tony only lives for one thing: to become a great professional motorcycle rider someday. But one day, he discovers that the mother of his son has some ongoing feuds with the underworld and now it’s his job to protect his family. He spends his days on racing circuits trying to reach his dream of becoming a professional and spends his night serving drug lords so that no harm is caused to his family. But the more he drowns himself in the world of crimes and underworld, the closer he gets to a point from where returning back to his normal life may not be a possibility.

Being a French film, this one surely has something different to offer, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The writing is fantastic and its treatment of the story is grounded in realism. Make sure, though, that you watch it with subtitles instead of watching the dubbed version because that would certainly ruin your experience. The film offers some great fast-paced bike chase sequences and also has a pretty good ending. A partial reason why it is not so well known is that it is not an American film, But regardless of its popularity, it is definitely one of those few good biker movies out there that should be seen by all motorcycle fanatics.

2. Warrior (2018)

‘Warrior’ is about loyalty and betrayal among a community of veterans and biker gangs, with a small dash of a love story involving the main character. The series has some really fine actors and keeps the storyline short and crisp. A further extension to the 6-episode series would’ve surely made it boring. The show has some strikingly great cinematography and also some world class acting. If you find yourself comparing this with ‘Sons of Anarchy’, then just stop yourself. Sit back and relax this short series for the way it is and try to appreciate it for what it offers. If you manage to do that somehow, then this Danish drama series will not fail to entertain you.

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1. Deuces (2017)

‘Deuces’ revolves around two main characters – one is an undercover agent named Jason Foster, who keeps high hopes and ambitions for his future, and the other is his boss, Stephen ”Deuces” Brooks. Things get complicated between the two when both of them start identifying themselves with a mutual link who is close to Jason Foster. The storyline has some major plot holes here and there but overall, the movie is worth watching and also has a great star cast that includes Megan Good, Larenz Tate, and Rick Gonzalez. Larenz Tate and Rick Gonzalez have great onscreen chemistry and the romantic relationship between the characters of Larenz Tate and Megan Good comes out very naturally and their conversations seem very genuine.

The film also offers a surprisingly good climax and a story that is filled with suspense and thrill. However, it leaves it to the viewers to identify who the actual antagonist or the protagonist in the movie is, which will keep you at the edge of your seat all along. Watch this film with a group of friends and it may serve as a discussion starter. And for all the bikers out there, the movie has a fair share of some really cool bikes that may serve as eye candy for the riders and may even add some value to the film overall. The only problem with this one is that at times it may come off as a ‘Fast and Furious‘ wannabe but it is saved by the cast, mostly by the lead actor Larenz Tate.

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