Best Obsession Sex Scenes, Ranked

Image Credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix

Netflix’s erotic thriller series ‘Obsession’ revolves around William Farrow, a celebrated British surgeon whose father-in-law tries to find him a place in the bureaucracy to take advantage of his rising fame. As William celebrates his new-found fame with his wife Ingrid and daughter Sally, his son Jay introduces his girlfriend Anna Barton to them. William and Anna start to share intimacy despite the latter’s growing relationship with the former’s son. The series progresses through the strengthening of their bond through physical acts of intimacy. Since these sex scenes are carefully integrated into the narrative, we have dived into the same to rank them and explore their significance. Well, here are our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

7. The Engagement Party (Season 1 Episode 3)

When Jay proposes to Anna, the latter makes it clear to William that she wants the former. Although the doctor gives his permission to his secret lover to reply yes to his son, William struggles to come to terms with Jay and Anna’s engagement. He worries that he will not get Anna as much as he wants, only for her to convince him that nothing changes between them. She surrenders to him on the grounds of the doctor’s mansion to make him realize that he gets what he wants. While his son and other family members celebrate the engagement, William “celebrates” the occasion by sharing intimacy with his lover.

6. Bound by the Rope (Season 1 Episode 2)

After frequently sharing intimacy, William and Anna get immersed in each other’s emotional lives. The doctor makes it clear to her that he wants to be so close to her by knowing all about her, even if it means reading her diary. The closeness he yearns for is reflected in the sexual intimacy they share as well. They engage in rope play as Anna completes her surrender to William, who conquers her physically and emotionally. By binding her with the rope, he binds her to him, only for Anna to accept her surrender in both cases.

5. The Rulebreaker (Season 1 Episode 2)

Image Credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix

After starting to have sex with Anna, William finds it hard to be separated from her. He vanishes from his married life with Ingrid, who starts to have doubts about her husband’s change in behavior. Anna has made it clear to William that they can only share intimacy within the four walls of Peggy’s apartment. The doctor forgets the rules when Anna and Jay leave for Paris for a romantic weekend. William calls and asks her to come out of her hotel, only for them to have sex in a dimly lit street in the City of Love. Although Anna doesn’t want William to break rules, she cannot stop having sex with him, even if it is out in a Parisian street.

4. The Survival (Season 1 Episode 3)

While William and Anna grow closer, the former starts to receive threatening messages from a private number, asking him to come clean about his affair with his family. The messages shake Anna, who has been confident that their meetings are highly secretive. Still, she decides against backing down. She lets William know that the survival of her desire and yearning cannot be compromised, only for them to share each other fiercely while having sex. Although the act doesn’t last long, they assure each other that they are not ready to back off from their plans to be one behind closed doors.

3. The First Time (Season 1 Episode 1)

It doesn’t take long for William and Anna to share a spark after meeting for the first time. They enjoy a certain sexual tension during their first meeting as the doctor places an olive on her mouth with his bare fingers. The sexual tension reaches its culmination when Anna invites him over to her friend Peggy’s apartment. She lays on the floor to make him realize that she is ready to accept whatever he can offer her. Their first time together sexually is intense, which becomes the foundation of their affair.

2. The Surrender (Season 1 Episode 2)

William and Anna have their first sex after sharing a room with the former’s family members. The sexual tension they share leads them to an intense first time. The second time, they replace intensity with an order. Anna lets William know that she is surrendering completely to him. The doctor starts to dictate the nuances of their sexual intimacy after her submission to him. As far as William is concerned, Anna’s surrender makes him feel dominant, not only in front of her but also in front of Jay, with whom Anna spends the majority of her time.

1. The Blindfold (Season 1 Episode 4)

After Jay and Anna’s engagement, William starts to increasingly worry over his place in the latter’s life. The couple gets engaged when the doctor struggles to even accept Jay’s presence in his secret lover’s life. However, the engagement only increases the intensity of Anna and William’s sexual intimacy. The doctor and his lover start to cherish the thrill of keeping Jay in the dark. Anna welcomes William one day with a blindfold over her eyes. The same makes him feel more dominant, which adds to the intensity of the sex they have. Although it ends up having tragic consequences, the sex with the blindfold can be seen as the peak of their intimacy.

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