10 Best Romantic Vampire Movies

There was a time when the mention of vampires was a subject of horror. There have been films that have used these mythical creatures to scare the audience witless. But things are different now. Considering the vampires to be the merciless beasts, as they used to be, a section of storytellers spawned new tales around them. Perhaps it was the idea of forbidden love, or that people like to see broken souls repaired with love. Or maybe, just that, they made good ‘bad boys’ who would totally have the attention of a teenage girl looking for some dangerous romance. Whatever it was, it added a new genre to romance.

If you, too, are someone who loves watching some other-worldly love stories, or someone who just likes supernatural films and doesn’t mind a touch of romance, then these films should be on your watch list. Following is the list of top vampire romance movies of all time you must see:


10. Dracula Untold (2014)

Ever since Bram Stoker introduced the world to Count Dracula, people have been fascinated with his story. This film takes the viewers deeper into the origins of the mysterious Count. Taking into account all the myths and lore that have been swimming around the world, ‘Dracula Untold’ condenses everything into one action-packed flick. It is sometime before the Renaissance, in Transylvania, with the Ottoman Empire lurking on its territories. Vlad refuses to pay the tribute of 1000 boys, including his son, to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. This leads to a war that Vlad knows his people can’t win. Educated by a monk about a creature who lives in a dark cave, Vlad decides to find a way to save his people, at all costs.


9. Twilight (2008)

Oh, well! This’ll ruffle some feathers. Here’s the thing. No matter how much you hated this film, you can’t deny the frenzy that it created all over the world. The real, fervent craze for the love between a vampire and a human was escalated to new heights after this film took centre-stage. There is a section of people who secretly love it (you know who you guys are). So, let’s just agree with the fact that it was the film (franchise) that made a lot of money and made a couple of people famous while, simultaneously, tainting their careers.

Bella Swan moves to the small town of Forks where people disappear mysteriously. She soon finds out that a family of vampires has been living in the town. But they are the good guys, it’s the bad ones who are eating people. As she falls hopelessly in love with Edward, she is drawn into a world where being human is a dangerous thing.


8. The Hunger (1983)

Miriam Blaylock is a vampire who chooses young lovers for herself and then turns them into vampires. When her 200-years-old lover John starts ageing, she seeks the help of Sarah, an expert in the ageing process. John soon realises that turning into a vampire was never meant to bestow him with eternal youth. Miriam subsides him and is fixated on Sarah whom she wants to be her next lover. As the love triangle progresses, a terrible and dark truth about Miriam and her lovers is revealed.


7. Byzantium (2012)

Clara Webb has been on the run, with her daughter Eleanor. They finally settle down in a coastal resort where Eleanor meets Frank, and they both are instantly attracted to each other. Meanwhile, Clara seduces the owner of a run-down hotel and takes charge of his business to earn some money for herself and her daughter. But the past isn’t letting go of them. They are being chased by the Brotherhood of vampires because Clara broke their code by turning her daughter into a vampire. In the end, for both, Eleanor and Clara, it comes down to choosing between love and survival.


6. Near Dark (1987)

Before Kathryn Bigelow turned towards the military films, she tested the waters of vampire-genre, as well. Caleb Colton is a cowboy who lives with his sister and his father. One night, in a bar, he meets Mae. There is something about Mae that intrigues him, besides the fact that she is beautiful. She reciprocates his feelings. But what is supposed to be a romantic night takes a drastic turn when Mae bites Caleb in the neck and runs away. The next day, Caleb discovers his inability to come out in the sun and an unquenchable blood-thirst. There is no other option left for him, except leaving his family and joining Mae’s gang of vampires.

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