10 Best Podcasts About Spirituality

The modern way of life has got so indulged in materialistic pursuits that we often forget to stop and think about the profound truths of life. The spiritualist pursuit of humans is borne out of curiosity and isn’t limited just to religious aspects. Spirituality encompasses everything that we do and is just the deeper scrutiny of it.

However, there are a lot of things that we need to take care of, and there isn’t enough time to dedicate to spiritual awakening. This is where podcasts come into the picture. On the go or while indulging in other minor chores, you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Here is the list of best spiritual podcasts that you must listen to. You can listen to several of these best spirituality podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or even YouTube for free.

10. Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts (2016 – )

There is no better way to teach someone the lessons of life than a good story. ‘Harry Potter’ is a generation-defining phenomenon and a lot of people have some fond memories associated with the novels and the films.

While it is the story about a magical boy who defeats the darkest wizard of all times, it is also the story about growing up. As Harry grows up in every book, the themes evolve accordingly and give a great number of life-lessons. This podcast treats ‘Harry Potter’ like a sacred text (as I’m sure many fans do too). You can learn a lot from this story. Listen to the podcast here.

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9. The Now Age (2018 – )

Ruby Warrington is a spiritual seeker who has started her own movement in the form of the Numinous. She has also written a lot of books on the matter. In this podcast, she brings the discussions to a grander platform. In each episode, she hosts an expert with whom she discusses the meaning of spirituality and humanity in the current world and how our methods have evolved with time to make space for that. Topics like psychedelic healing, the connection of astrology to our daily life and indigenous wisdom serve as the subjects of various episodes. You can listen to all the episodes of ‘The Now Age’ here.

8. Tara Brach Podcast (2010 – )

Tara Brach is a psychologist and an engaged Buddhist. She likes to propagate the idea of peaceful living and mindful meditation. She has found a different understanding of the world through Buddhist teachings and teaches the same to people all over the world in yoga and meditation centres.

She has also written a number of books and articles on the subject of spirituality. Through this podcast, she intends to increase her reach and pass on the message. Here, she talks about self-awareness, the art of living, and other ways through which we can tap in our hidden energies and work towards being a better person. You can listen to all its episodes here.

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7. Interfaith Voices Podcast (2018 – )

The world is a melting pot of multitudes of faiths, religions and cults. While all of them teach us to live in harmony, somehow, our world is still ravaged by war and animosity. What religion do the people who resort to violence belong to? Can we really blame all the problems of humanity on one single religion? We need to create a dialogue where people get to understand each other’s faiths and beliefs and open themselves to the path of love and harmony. In this podcast, host Amber Khan tries to do the same. You can listen to all episodes of ‘Interfaith Voices Podcast’ here.

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6. The Liturgists Podcast (2014 – )

In order to have an awakening, we must first begin with the habit of asking questions. The moment we leave our curiosity behind, we risk falling into the pit of ignorance. ‘The Liturgists Podcast’ is here to help you in your quest in search of the unknown. It tackles a lot of topics at once.

So, whatever your questions are, you’ll surely find an answer here. Do you want to understand why humans have a different set of creative skills, or would you rather jump into the discussion of genesis and evolution? Do you want to know more about the workings of religion or would you rather find an answer in the silent echoes of the interstellar? This podcast takes a different approach in every episode. You can listen to all its episodes here.

5. My Seven Chakras (2015 – )

All the teachings of spirituality find their base, one way or another, in ancient teachings. Controlling one’s mind and body, manipulating one’s energy Chakras to lead a better life, meditating to receive the peace of mind- a lot of things that we experiment with have already been discussed long before.

In ‘My Seven Chakras,’ host Aditya Jaykumar goes into the depths of these questions and tries to find out the answers by indulging in enlightening discussions with experts from all over the world. Spiritual awakening, mental and physical healing through alternative methods, and understanding oneself better are the primary motives of this podcast. You can listen to all its episodes here.

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4. The Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola (2014 – )

Carmen Spagnola has worked all her life to help people with her special talents. Her unique perspective has allowed her to open up to the various ways in which life unravels its mysteries. If you too want in on the secret, then start dedicating some time to ‘The Numinous podcast.’ It isn’t about some otherworldly knowledge, but the understanding of self. How does your intuition work, how can you instill the sense of camaraderie and community in your children, how meditation can change your life? All these topics and more. Find answers to all your queries here.

3. The Aetherius Society Podcast (2012 – )

When you talk about spirituality to people, they automatically assume that you want to get into a discussion about God and religion and all that stuff. What only a few understand is that spirituality and science have a close connection, and it is a means to prepare us for the scientifically advanced beings that we are destined to be.

In 1950, a man named George King came in contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence, which prompted him to set up a society, the teachings of which consist of all things scientific. If you want a better understanding of this method for seeking spiritual wisdom, then you should listen to ‘The Aetherius Society Podcast.’ All its episodes are available here.

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2. Spiritual Fizz (2017 – )

Humans have always been curious about the connection they share with the universe, an invisible thread that isn’t tangible but is felt strongly by every one of us at one point in time or another. Just like some people are touched more with the spirituality factor than others, there are places that hold a stronger vibe than the rest of the world. In this podcast, the host takes us to such places and engages in deep conversations with experts in various fields to understand the nature of the relationship between the spiritual and the physical world. You can listen to all episodes of ‘Spiritual Fizz’ here.

1. Rebel Guru Radio (2016 – )

Eric Pepin found an interest in spirituality early in his life. His inclination towards the subject was also encouraged by the fact that he is a psychic himself. He has helped people heal, he has helped locate missing persons and has displayed other talents as well.

However, he doesn’t want anyone to tag him as a miracle man because he believes that the magic exists within all of us. In this podcast, he discusses all the things that hold humans back and the things that we can do to attain higher enlightenment. From our energy and aura to the experience of “becoming one with the universe,” this podcast is all about spiritual adventure. You can find all episodes of ‘Rebel Guru Radio’ here.

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