17 Best Podcasts About Jesus and Christianity

Being a person of faith can be troublesome in these times. The world is in a lot of turmoil and many bad things are happening around us. In such times, one is often forced to wonder if there is any meaning behind holding on to something that might not even exist. If your faith hasn’t been tested yet, then you haven’t been on it for a long time. While the ones who have only recently begun to tread this path might be wavered by the suspicions, an experienced person knows that these are the times when you should continue to flame the fire of faith and hope. If you are someone who needs something to help them stay on the right path, or if you just want to listen other people talk about the same thing you are passionate about, then we have a treat for you. Here’s the list of top Christianity podcasts. You can listen to several of these best Christianity podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or even YouTube for free.

17. Help Me Teach the Bible (2015- present)

So, you believe in the word of God and want more people to know about it. You want to spread the light of your faith but don’t know where to start? How do you get people to understand the meaning of the Bible and the lessons it consists of? ‘Help Me Teach the Bible’ is the podcast that guides you in furthering the cause. It not only helps you educate people about the Bible but also educates you about the things that you might never have heard of before. This is a great podcast if you are even remotely interested in this idea. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

16. Daily Grace (2019- present)

This podcast is specially made for women. However, even men can listen to it; the message is pretty much universal. But the focus is directed primarily on women. ‘Daily Grace’ wants women of faith to come together and create a sound society. The episodes feature discussions on Bible stories, and even on the matters of theology. The conversations are very engaging and you might get excited enough to give your own inputs. The show is hosted by Joanna Kimbrel and Stefanie Boyles and helps you discover new meaning to the things of old. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

15. Transformation Church (2016- present)

The Transformation Church is the multi-ethnic branch that is on the mission of spreading the word of God to every human being. They invite you to follow the path of God and look for self-improvement before meddling in someone else’s affair. The ideology of the church is pretty straightforward and if you are interested in finding out what they are about, you can listen to the podcast. Decide for yourself if it is your cup of tea or not. You can listen to all the episodes of ‘The Transformation Church’ podcast here.

14. Another Name for Every Thing (2019- present)

Richard Rohr is a popular figure when it comes to discussions of spirituality. He has written many books that deal with the various aspects of theology and religion. You know he is legit because he was ordained to the priesthood in 1970. He is also the founder and dean of the Living School for Action and Contemplation. His most recent book is The Universal Christ and this is what he talks about in this podcast. ‘Another Name for Everything’ has Rohr joined by Brie Stoner and Paul Swanson, who are Christian contemplatives themselves. They shed light on how his current work has evolved as compared to his previous books and delve deep into his beliefs. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

13. The Heidelcast (2012- present)

Being a person of faith allows you to open up your mind to understand the infinite. The words of the scriptures allow you to tether yourself to something substantial, so you don’t float away into meaningless voids. In ‘The Heidelcast’, Scott Clark digs up the history of Christianity and finds the root of the stories told in the Bible. What are they trying to tell us? How they have given us a picture of God, one piece at a time? What new story is hidden in those words? You can find out all about it in this podcast. Catch all its episodes here.

12. The Bible Project (2015- present)

Even if you are not a religious person, you can’t deny that religious scriptures are a collection of some great stories. You can very well read it like good old historical fiction. Like any good literature, the stories told in the Bible follow diverse and timeless themes, the interpretation of which depends entirely on the readers. In ‘The Bible Project’, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins take a look at these stories and find out the deeper meaning behind their themes and characters. What metaphors were used by Moses to describe human vanity? How close of an image of God are humans? All this and more, you can listen to these biblical interpretations here.

11. Dad Tired (2016- present)

Being a parent is a very demanding task. While it comes naturally to some, there are others who learn on the go. No matter what category you fall into, if you need some guidance, some appreciation in this job that is never really about being appreciated, and some reassurance that you are doing the right thing, you can listen to ‘Dad Tired’. It is a community sort for men of faith who want to be better at being a father. Even the best of us need help sometimes, and this podcast is here to see that you do. All your questions and dilemmas find an answer in it. You can listen to the podcast here.

10. Pass the Mic (2015- present)

Some people can serve some strong arguments in favour of the fact that God hasn’t been so kind to black people. All that happened in the past and all that is happening now, the racism, the shooting and all the bad things, one can easily fly off of the rail into another territory. What these people don’t understand is that it is in such dire circumstances that your faith serves you the most. ‘Pass the Mic’ is a black Christian initiative that gives you great guidance about how to raise your children with faith in such trying times. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

9. Let My People Think (2019- present)

Whatever problems the world has right now, it has been through this before. Similar events have occurred before and if someone has already asked the questions we have been wondering about, then there must be answers as well. We just need to look in the right place. In ‘Let My People Think’, Ravi Zacharias turns to the Bible to find out the answers to humanity’s current problems. The podcast has him bring the twist of modernity to biblical teachings, focusing on how the solution has been here all along, we just have turned our eyes away from it. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

8. Modern Christian Men (2017- present)

Though the name of this podcast contains the word “men”, which might lead people to believe that it is specifically for that half of the population, it is actually a great podcast for everyone. Women can take as much away from it as a man will. However, the content does stay true to its name and mainly focuses on the struggles of being a Christian family man in today’s world. Each episode reassures the resolve of your faith and motivates you to be better every day, for your family and for the world. You can listen to all episodes of ‘Modern Christian Men’ here.

7. Truth’s Table (2017- present)

Hosted by Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan, ‘Truth’s Table’ is the podcast that focuses on the issues like race, politics, gender disparity and even pop culture, all from their perspective. It is particularly great for black women who want a platform that focuses on their perception of faith. To find support in your belief in God, to strengthen your will to get through difficult times and to understand the power within you, this is the podcast that you should listen to. It is fun and enlightening and presents an answer to your queries. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

6. White Horse Inn (2019- present)

Is God a mandatory figure for someone to have faith? Does God even exist? Are the atheists right and we are just wasting our time? How much of the Bible is true? Where does the idea of heaven and hell come from? These queries are pondered upon in this podcast. In every episode, a panel sits down to find out an answer and scrutinize Christian faith. However, don’t allow this description to make you think that it is about the criticism of your beliefs. It is just a contemplation. You can listen to all episodes of ‘White Horse Inn’ here.

5. Pray the Word with David Platt (2017- present)

Remembering God, whether it is a moment of happiness or sadness, should never escape our routine. Prayers are a way to keep in touch with the Almighty and if we break this habit, we will only fall further away from it. With life being so busy, everyone caught up in their own loop of survival, we can very easily forget to do this one simple thing. If you don’t want to lose this, then you should follow this podcast. In short episodes, that are just around five minutes, you get to pray to the Lord, without fail, every day. You can listen to the podcast here.

4. Doctrine and Devotion (2016- present)

‘Doctrine and Devotion’ is a conversation between the hosts who explore various terms and traditions of the modern world in the context of Christianity. They get very creative in their discussions and the humour increases with every episode. What is the meaning of a “reformed Baptist”? What is the importance of a local church in a small town? How important it is to be in touch with spirituality? How to not fall in the pit of false religious propagators? They also receive eminent guests who share their ideas on the topic of the day. The hosts keep it intriguing and interesting. You can listen to all its episodes here.

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3. Faith and Fable (2019- present)

Every idea has suffered the brunt of controversy and opposition. Every religion has some topics that give rise to divisive sentiments, even amongst the followers. Christianity has had such moments too. How have these things hurt it and how it still managed to rise above them is the topic of discussion in ‘Faith and Fable’. The podcast chooses such notorious moments from history and discusses its impact on the current state of affairs. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

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2. Knowing Faith (2017- present)

Doubts only rise for those who don’t have the luxury of knowledge. The same story that fills you with hope and aspiration can be interpreted by someone else as a made-up tale. Hence, it is very important to know your roots before you start discussing it with someone else. ‘Knowing Faith’ is all about the stories from Christian scriptures. How true are the stories told in them? Is it just a fabrication of someone’s imagination or are they based in truth? This podcast tries to find this out by diving deep into the stories of Christianity. You can listen to all the episodes of this podcast here.

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1. Morning and Evening (2019- present)

Known as the Prince of Preachers, Charles Surgeon remains one of the most influential Baptist preachers in Christianity. He lived in the 19th century, but his sermons have been listened to by Christians all over the world, and are popular even now. He wrote many books about his faith and his love for God, and many of them have been translated to other languages. ‘Morning and Evening’ continues to be the most popular of them, and this podcast brings its content to you. Each episode picks up one prose from the book, which is then analysed and understood, focusing on the teachings that one should inculcate in their life. It is a great way to start your morning. You can listen to all episodes of ‘Morning and Evening’ here.

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