12 Best Visual Effects Movies on Netflix Right Now

VFX can be a major game changer for movies and sometimes even a lifesaver for those that have nothing else to provide but amazing Visual Effects. VFX is constantly evolving with every single movie now and if you sit back and look at a movie only from a few years ago, you’ll be able to notice how far the world of realistic fictitious environments, creatures, and disasters has come.

Visual Effects are not just a treat for our eyes but they add immense value to the whole visual storytelling of a movie due to which these can make or break movies even with the worst or best plots respectively. Now, these dazzling effects we get to observe may be done through some sort of tricky and artistic organic means modified using digital magic or using really simple yet fancy editing that leaves us at our own imagination. Every once in a while, we all feel like watching something that we know may not be real but is still believable when we watch it. So here’s a list of really good VFX Netflix movies that are so imaginative, so wild and so vivid that they nearly diminish the heterogeneity between what’s real and what’s fantasy. You will find most of the movies on this list to be action vfx movies, for obvious reasons.

12. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

Set in the year 1984, this movie is an extension of a TV series that goes by the same name. It is the story of a boy named Stefan who decides to develop a game based on a book called “Bandersnatch.” He later hopes that he will be able to have Tuckersoft, a well-known software company, release his game for him. The book “Bandersnatch” is a somewhat choose your own fate kind of novel where you make your own choices that lead you to an alternate story. Stefan completely absorbs himself into working towards developing the game and the further he gets, the further it drives him insane, giving him visuals of emulations of the game in his real life.

11. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (2004)

A movie that will entirely change your perception about romantic dramas and Jim Carrey. ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’ is a beautiful story of a man, Clementine who finds himself feeling completely downhearted upon finding that his ex-girlfriend has absolutely no memories of him or their relationship as she got them erased using a scientific procedure. Clementine decides to do the same and seeks help from the inventor of the memory erasing process, Dr. Howard Mierzwaik. But as soon as the process begins, Clementine finds herself drifting into a much deeper passion that makes her memories with Joel more valuable. The film is widely regarded as one of the greatest romantic dramas of all time.

10. Chappie (2015)

Due to the rise in criminal activities, police robots are sent out to oppress crime and prove to be an instant success in doing so. Two criminals named Ninja and Yolandi kidnap one of these robots and force the creator to make modifications to it. Chappie becomes unique in its own way after being given the ability to now feel and choose between right or wrong. But will the impact of being raised in a hostile criminal environment have a negative effect on him or will he choose to go on a path that is “right”?

9. Ex Machina (2015)

Ex Machina is a strange story of a man named Caleb who works as a junior programmer for a very well known search engine company. Upon winning a company lottery Caleb gets the chance to spend one week at the CEO’s research facility. Expecting to have an enjoyable holiday in the grand mountain retreat, Caleb finds himself being a part of an experiment to measure and test the abilities of a beautiful AI humanoid robot. But as Caleb tries testing how “human” the robot actually is, he realizes that this technology has come with a price of its own and is intelligent beyond his imagination.

8. Black Panther (2018)

The film ‘Black Panther‘ probably known to most moviegoers out there shows some amazing VFX when portraying the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. The movie has some gorgeous visually appealing scenes and fights that are hands down unmatchable. With the action scenes very well orchestrated ‘Black Panther’ sets out to be a remarkable and beautiful superhero movie that stands out from others in its genre in its own unique way. A must watch for those who want to see some really dope visuals with stunning performances by both the hero (Chadwick Boseman) and the villain (Michael B Jordan).

7. Cloud Atlas (2012)

‘Cloud Atlas’ is based on an award-winning novel by David Mitchell. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it explores the story of six different stories all along different segments of the 19th Century. The movie portrays how the smallest actions of any individuals can have the greatest impact on the lives of those around them when all the dots are connected linking the present, the past and the future. The special effects in this one take it to a whole new level of storytelling and entertainment, making you feel several emotions at a time.

6. Aeon Flux (2005)

Starring Charlize Theron, ‘Aeon Flux’ is a gothic and artistic action-packed flick about an assassin named Aeon Flux who works for an anti-government organization. She is assigned the task of killing Trevor Goodchild who is the ruler of their city known as Bregna. But as she sets out on a journey to assassinate their ruler, she finds herself in the middle of a huge conspiracy. This movie is way better than it sounds, so don’t go by the plot or “looks” of it. Bright blinding colors, trippy action scenes and dazzling visuals sum this one up.

5. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

‘Ragnarok’ absolutely rocks it with its perfectly timed comic sense of humor, headbanging soundtracks and stunning visuals with a neon-infused theme. Don’t judge the Thor movies by just looking at the first two in the series because this one is entirely different. With no cliched “superhero to the rescue” or “the struggles of loving a god” storyline, this one will take you on a memorable journey through space and time and I hate to say it, but surely better than Justice League in many ways that also came around the same time.

4. The Wave (2015)

Now sit back and think about how huge would be something that’s 300 feet tall. That’s how high the tsunami waves are in this one. When a mountain pass falls out and creates a massive violent tsunami, a geologist finds himself right in the middle of this catastrophe with his family. The scenes in this seem so real that it almost reminds of another brilliant movie similar to this one- ‘The Impossible’. The horrifying visuals of a huge wave destroying everything in its way will leave you with a feeling of numbness and you’ll bite your nails off during the entire span of the film.

3. 47 Meters Down (2017)

What would you do if you were stuck in a cage at the bottom of the ocean and your oxygen levels are slowly dipping down? Now imagine that cage surrounded by hungry sharks. If this wouldn’t be your worst nightmare, then I don’t know what would. This is exactly what happens to two sisters who were just touring across Mexico and wanted to explore the sea a little. But things go way too south for them and they end up living their worst nightmare, struggling to survive.

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2. Lucid Dream (2017)

Originally as ‘Loosidue Deurim’, this one is a Korean sci-fi thriller that takes you a journey through the Lucid Dreams of a man who seeks to recollect an entire incident wherein his son was kidnapped with the help of a psychiatrist. If you have ever experienced lucid dreaming, you’ll know that anything is possible when you experience one. With endless possibilities that lie ahead for the father, he tries to find out if the Lucid Dreaming will do him any good in finding his son.

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1. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

Even though this one is rather disappointing compared to the other two films in the Cloverfield series, it is still a one time watch, especially if you’re a curious soul who just wants to know what exactly happened in the other movies and where did all those creatures come from. This origin movie tells the story of a group of scientists conducting an experiment in space to solve an energy crisis problem. The experiment goes terribly wrong and opens the gates to a different dimension that holds some dark secrets. Visually, the movie does a great job but the dull plot does make you feel a little betrayed and is used as bait by the first two movies to watch this one. But regardless of that, watch this one to know the origin of the “Cloverfield Incident” and be the judge.

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