Beth Fliehr: Ric Flair’s Second Wife Now Lives in North Carolina

Image Credit: Elizabeth Fliehr/X

’30 for 30: Nature Boy’ puts much importance on the personal and professional aspects of the life of Richard Fliehr, AKA Ric Flair, who proudly wore the title of The Nature Boy during his time as a professional wrestler. Among the various individuals who have had a huge impact on Ric, Elizabeth “Beth” Fliehr certainly stands out, having married him after he got a divorce from his first wife, Leslie Jacobs. Now, the world cannot help but wonder what Beth has been up to in recent days.

Who is Beth Fliehr?

As indicated in ’30 for 30: Nature Boy,’ Beth Fliehr first met when she was still Beth Harrell. Leslie Jacobs shared how she found out that the two would meet at Greg Valentine’s house after he seemingly wanted to get out of his own home. Eventually, Ric and Leslie divorced in early 1983, which was followed by Ric marrying Beth on August 27, 1983. At the particular event, Jim Crockett Jr served as the best man, and the couple became popular amongst professional wrestling fans.

Over the years, Beth appeared alongside Ric for multiple World Championship Wrestling (WCW) events. In 2013, she was seen in the second season of ABC’s ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ where she appeared alongside Ric and Roddy Piper. The latter took place after Beth and Ric had been divorced for years. As it turns out, the couple’s legal separation took place in 2006, though it was far from an easy one. Parents to Ashley and Reid Fliehr, Ric and Beth accused each other of various forms of abuse, which easily caught the attention of the media.

By the time Beth and Ric divorced, it was reported that the wrestler had to pay his second wife $140,000. Additionally, he paid an alimony of $15,000 every month for two years. The shaky nature of the couple’s marriage did leave an impact on their two children, both of whom went on to follow in their father’s footsteps and enter the world of professional wrestling. On March 29, 2013, Reid Fliehr, who went by the ring name Ric Flair, passed away. The cause of his death was revealed to be a drug overdose, which left a severe impact on the various members of the family. Beth has been more than open about her grief in regard to the passing of her son, whose passing she mourned heavily.

Where is Beth Fliehr Now?

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Beth Fliehr prefers to lead a private life, though she has been open about showcasing her support for her daughter, Ashley Fliehr, who is part of the WWE world as Charlotte Flair. The latter recently suffered a severe injury during a SmackDown match on December 8, 2023, against Kanako Urai, AKA Asuka. As a result of a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus, the wrestler’s leave for nine months was announced in the week following the match.

Beth herself has often retweeted her daughter’s posts about her injury and recovery process. She is also known for reposting posts on X (formerly Twitter) that align with her thought process. She also continues to pay homage to her late son, Reid Fliehr, who passed away at the age of 25. Her father also passed away in February 2020. While Beth herself did not appear in ’30 for 30: Nature Boy,’ her role in Ric’s life is an undeniable one, especially given that she was beside him during some of the most significant years of his wrestling career.

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