Where is Bettie Jo Elmore From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ on TLC chronicles the amazing journeys undertaken by morbidly obese people, who plan to shed a few pounds before undergoing surgery. Dr. Now is with them every step of the way and his supervision and encouragement help participants turn their lives around. While every individual’s journey on the show is monumental, perhaps few have faced the ordeals Bettie Jo Elmore has had to go through. So, where is she today?

Bettie Jo Elmore’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

Bettie Jo Elmore relocated to Houston, with Josh, her husband, to seek help from Dr. Now. When she first appeared on the show, Bettie weighed 654 pounds. However, following the good doctor’s advice, she was able to bring her weight down to 445 pounds. Bettie followed a regular exercise and a rigid diet. However, her progress was stopped due to a health complication.

Elmore discovered that she was pregnant, and doctors also uncovered a large bone mass on her spine. Bettie was warned that the mass could cause paralysis, but there was no way to operate on it and remove it until she delivered the baby. She spent her time visiting the hospital frequently, which naturally impeded her weight loss program. However, Bettie had the safety of her unborn child in mind. After her child, Preston was born in 2016, Bettie eventually prioritized weight loss again. She decided to get back on track and reach her goal weight.

Where is Bettie Jo Elmore Today?

As for where Bettie is today, you can take a look for yourself. This is how she looks, as per her most recent picture. However, Bettie doesn’t upload her social media profiles too often, so the picture is a few years old.

However, she’s gotten back to her weight loss program, which has worked wonders. After Preston was born, Bettie got back in touch with Dr. Now, who also consulted with her doctors and determined that the mass was not cancerous. Dr. Now prescribed therapy because he felt Bettie was suffering from depression. She seems to be feeling much better now. Here’s a picture of Bettie having some fun with filters.

Preston’s birth also caused a little tension between Bettie and Josh who had to deal with a newborn baby and Bettie’s health problems. However, not only are they together, but they continue to be very much in love. Here’s a picture of Josh and Bettie sharing a romantic moment.

Finally, coming to Preston, the young boy seems to be doing well and is enjoying life. Bettie loves her son and dotes on him as any mother would. She has shared some pictures from Preston’s birthday party where everybody seems to be having a good time.

Therefore, it appears that Bettie has overcome quite a lot of hurdles to arrive where she is, in life currently. She’s had an uphill task of losing weight and genuinely worrisome moments about her health and pregnancy. However, with the love and support of her family, she has continued to move forward and is likely to carry on in her journey until she reaches the goal she’s been working towards.

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