How Much of The Big Show Show Is True?

The Big Show Show‘ is a Netflix sitcom that sees the adventures of popular WWE wrestler, Big Show, as a father. When his teenage daughter, from a previous relationship, shows up to live with him, his wife, and two other daughters, things get crazy around the house. The show derives its humor from Big Show’s interactions and his attempts to be a good father to his daughters. Since Big Show is at the center of things, you might be wondering if there is any truth behind ‘The Big Show Show.’ We have got you covered in that regard.

True Story Behind The Big Show Show, Explained:

‘The Big Show Show’ is a sitcom, and is not based on a true story. The series sees Big Show attempting to be a good dad, managing the house, and taking care of his daughters. The episodes see him setting up a gator cam in the backyard, going on a WWE cruise, and trying to sell a haunted house. As you can understand, the show might not be based in reality, but it does not move past Big Show’s history as an unforgettable WWE icon. Big Show has commented on how the sitcom has been a learning experience for him, despite being in the entertainment industry for quite some time now.

He said to IGN, “I learned really fast about things like how you might think the audience is going to laugh in a certain place and they don’t. Or how the audience might laugh where you least expect it because of the interaction you’re having with your other actors. It forces you to really keep your ears open.” Big Show explained that he’s worked the hardest on this show, and has had the most fun.

Despite not being based on reality, there are some striking similarities to Big Show’s life, as well as some references to his career as a wrestler. He has addressed these as well.

Big Show’s Family: Reality vs. Sitcom

Big Show’s family, on the show, might not be related to him. However, some of their dynamics are mirror images of the wrestler’s actual family relations. For example, his teenage daughter, from a previous relationship, moves in with him. In real life, Big Show gained custody of his daughter, Cierra Wight, when she was 14.

Cierra is Big Show’s daughter from his first marriage with Melissa Piavis. Big Show commented on this, saying, “so it’s funny because when they wrote that script, I read it and then talked to [EPs] Jason [Berger] and Josh [Bycel] and was like ‘Did you guys hire a private investigator or something? Because you guys are so close to the truth of my life that you have no idea how on-point you are’.”

Another familiar aspect is captured in the various interactions with the family members. The scenarios and challenges that Big Show faces on the show are akin to the ones that he faces as a real-life wrestler. He commented on how being a WWE superstar is a family responsibility.

According to him, one inevitably misses birthdays, anniversaries, and school graduations. However, his family accepts his choices, both in the show and in reality. Big Show addressed this, saying, “So the authenticity behind some of the scenarios, interactions, and challenges that my character faces on the show are so close to real life that it’s eerie.” The only difference seems to be that Big Show has three daughters on the show.

The WWE star feels that he is incredibly close to his on-screen family. In fact, in December, he took them to an Ariana Grande concert for Christmas. He spoke about this, saying, “I literally flew in just to take them to that concert because I knew they’d have a good time. Just like a real dad does in real life, I’m doing it for my TV daughters. It’s a complete blessing.” You can check out Big Show’s post below, where he’s taken his new family to the Ariana Grande concert.

Big Show and WWE in ‘The Big Show Show’:

Not only is Big Show’s family dynamics reflected in the show, but the Netflix series also has cameos of some people from his wrestling days. The other WWE superstars include Rikishi, Mick Foley, and Mark Henry. Big Show handpicked these guys because he wanted to show the superstars in a new light, as amazing fathers who’d do anything for their children.

He said, “I wanted guys who I had a good relationship with, and also guys I knew for a fact were good dads.” Thus, ‘The Big Show Show’ might be a work of fiction, but Big Show’s involvement ensures that parts of the WWE star’s personal and professional lives find their way into the series.

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