Where Is The Big Show Show Filmed?

‘The Big Show Show’ is not the kind of television show that you would imagine it to be. There are no brutal wrestling matches or threatening showdowns. Instead, ‘The Big Show Show’ is a series that will warm your heart. Confused? ‘The Big Show Show’ employs a known template, which turns out to be extremely effective for the comedy series. Think of TV shows like ‘Marlon’ or even ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.‘ Both these shows, and ‘The Big Show Show’ feature a celebrity playing a fictionalized version of themself.

‘The Big Show Show’ sees Paul Wight, better known by his WWE stage name, Big Show play a fictionalized version of himself. On the sitcom, Wight plays the role of a family man: a loving husband, and father of three daughters. In this regard, ‘The Big Show Show’ is much more similar to ‘Marlon’ than ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ In reality, Paul Wight is also married with three children.

Allison Munn, from ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘That 70s Show,’ essays the character of Big Show’s wife on the show. Other cast members include Jaleel White, Reylynn Caster, and Juliet Donenfeld.

The Big Show Show Filming Location

‘The Big Show Show’ is a sitcom that follows several tropes of the genre. One of the tropes that viewers would have noticed is the fact that most of the action of the show takes place in multiple, frequently depicted locations. One of the most common settings is Big Show’s house, unsurprisingly, since ‘The Big Show Show’ is a family sitcom. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the comedy series is filmed.

Los Angeles, California

‘The Big Show Show’ is filmed entirely in Los Angeles, California, on a soundstage. To be more specific, filming for ‘The Big Show Show’ is carried out at Paramount Pictures Studio on 5515 Melrose Avenue in L.A.

Spread over 6 acres, Paramount Pictures Studio boasts of thirty stages. Have a look at the following Instagram post by Allison Munn. It proves how ‘The Big Show Show’ is filmed at Paramount Pictures Studio.

As you can see in the above video, the soundstage is divided into multiple sections to stand in for various rooms of Big Show’s house. The video also depicts how filming is carried out in front of a live studio audience, as evidenced by the cheering. Moreover, the sitcom uses a multi-camera set up to record the action from various angles.

Generally, a single sitcom episode takes anywhere between three to six hours of filming. Often, a single scene is recorded multiple times with various tweaks made to the script for each re-take. This is done so that the makers can select the funniest lines to go on-air.

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