Where is Black Ink Crew: Chicago Filmed?

Families on reality television are extremely different than actual, “normal” families. That is because reality shows always depict families that are slightly (sometimes very) offbeat or have something that sets them apart from the standard social unit. There are families with tons of children. There are celebrity families. There are “families” that aren’t bonded by blood, but by love. ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago‘ is a reality show that also features an offbeat, “bonded-by-love” family: perhaps the coolest one.

‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ follows the staff and owners of an African-American owned tattoo shop in Chicago, Illinois. The series is a spin-off of ‘Black Ink Crew‘ which revolves around an African-American owned tattoo shop in Harlem, New York.

The ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ “family” is one that is connected by their passion for tattoo art. However, there is still plenty of drama. The VH1 show follows daily operations, as well as these dramatic conflicts that arise fairly regularly.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Filming Locations

The title of the show is unsubtle enough to point out the fact that the reality series is set in Chicago. The show started out by being primarily set in 9Mag Tattoo. Hence, a large part of the action is set here. Apart from that, the show is also occasionally filmed at the places in Chicago where the cast members go to. Thus, it is natural for viewers to wonder what all places the show has been filmed in.


Well, ‘Black Ink Crew; Chicago’ is, in fact, filmed in Chicago. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. As stated earlier, most of the filming is carried out in 9Mag Tatto0 which is located on 2150 S Canalport Avenue. Have a look at some photos from their Instagram handle:



While the VH1 show started out with 9MAG Tattoo being the epicenter, one of the cast members, Charmaine Walker-Bey became such a big fan favorite that she went on to have her own tattoo studio. The show is also set in her shop: 2nd City Ink.


Apart from the shops, filming is also carried out at the places the cast members go to. For instance, a few scenes are set in 90 Miles Cuban Cafe on 2540 W Armitage Avenue in the eighteenth episode of the third season. Some of the other places that have been seen on the show include Broadway Armory Park on 5917 North Broadway, Bureau Bar on 75 E 16th St, Dylans Tavern & Grill on 118 S Clinton St, First Peek Ultrasound in Oak Park, Fort Knox Studios on 4255 N Knox Avenue, Headquarters Beercade – River North, Kilwins, Nikki Nicole Collection, NYCH Gallery, Orbit Skate Center in Palatine, Reverie, Simone’s, SLR Bar & Grill in Harvey, SOLUX Med Spa, Sono Wood Fired, Sprout San Francisco, Steve Quick Jeweler, and several others.

Other Locations

Filming for the VH1 series has also been carried out outside Illinois. For instance, filming was undertaken in Mexico in Bahia Hotel & Beach Club and Bar Esquina. Filming also took place in Kat Tat Girl (West Hollywood), OHM Nightclub (Hollywood), Project LA (Los Angeles), and several other venues.

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