Black Lightning Season 4 Finale: What’s in Store?

The penultimate episode of ‘Black Lightning’ season 4 sees the Pierce family and their allies trying to level the playing field against Tobias. While they mostly succeed in defeating their individual foes, a key hero falls, setting up an emotional and heartbreaking series finale for next week. You can find a detailed summary of this week’s highlights in the recap section. For those who are eagerly awaiting the final episode of ‘Black Lightning,’ here’s what you can expect from the series finale.

Black Lightning Season 4 Finale Release Date

‘Black Lightning’ season 4 episode 13 will premiere on May 24, 2021, at 9 pm ET on The CW. The upcoming episode is the show’s fifty-eighth overall episode and will serve as the series finale.

Where To Stream Black Lightning Season 4 Finale Online?

To watch ‘Black Lightning’ season 4 episode 13, tune in to The CW on your TV sets at the aforementioned date and time. Alternatively, new episodes stream on The CW’s official website a day after their television broadcast. If you do not have an active cable subscription, you can stream the new episode on live TV platforms such as Xfinity, Youtube TVFuboTV, Apple TV, and DirecTV. The latest episodes (as well as older seasons) of the series are available for purchase on VOD platforms such as Microsoft Store, Google PlayiTunes, Vudu, and Amazon Prime. Additionally, the first three seasons are streaming on Netflix, with the fourth and last season expected to land on the platform soon.

Black Lightning Season 4 Finale Spoilers

‘Black Lightning’ season 4 finale, titled ‘The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure,’ will revive Jefferson after he has a vision of his dad. Jefferson’s powers will also be restored, and he will be gunning to defeat Tobias once and for all. It will be interesting to see if Jefferson suffers another personal loss (perhaps Gambi) that will push him over the edge and kills Tobias. He could then retire, and Jennifer could take up his mantle serving as the protector of Freeland. Make sure you have a tissue box handy, as the final episode will have some heartbreaking and tear-jerking moments. Check out the promo for the series finale below.

Black Lightning Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

‘Black Lightning’ season 4 episode 12 is titled ‘The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One: Crossroads’ and opens in the aftermath of Uriah’s death. Jefferson explains to Jennifer that she is the only thing standing between Freeland’s people and Tobias. They bond as Jefferson reveals how Tobias killed his father. Meanwhile, Tobias is refused a seat on the Shadow Board after failing to curb Lightning. He has a member of the board killed to demonstrate his control over the metahumans. Gambi and Lauren trace Val’s energy to find the emitter dampening the powers of metahumans. Khalil drives Looker to the FBI but is intercepted by Ishmael. Painkiller defeats Ishmael, and Khalil hands over Looker to the authorities.

Lightning powers up by visiting the ionosphere and beats down Red. She hands over Red to the police and live streams Chief Lopez’s anti-meta sentiments. Affected by the broadcast, Lopez takes the meta-booster. Anissa and Grace destroy the facility holding the meta-genes. Jefferson meets Tobias, equipped with a device that will wipe out Tobias’ memory of Gambi’s family. Tobias stops Jefferson before he can activate the device and confesses to killing Jefferson’s dad. He then brutally kills Jefferson in a similar fashion.

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